• GC Podcast #10: The Big E3 Preview

    It's the tenth episode of the GameCola Podcast! Our E3 Spectacular!

  • GC Podcast #8: Happy Birthday, GameCola!

    This edition of "The GameCola Podcast" features Michael Gray, Nathaniel Hoover, Zach Rich, Elizabeth Medina-Gray, and Paul Franzen.

  • … of the Month: The 11-Minute Mario 3 Completion Video

    Now, in case any of you haven't heard the news about this pseudo-miraculous video, it is basically of a person playing through the game of Super Mario Bros 3. in 11 minutes. The conspiracy comes in with whether or not he did this legitimately, or whether he/she cheated in some way/shape/form. One theory is that the person who did it used an emulator, playing the game in a slowed down mode, and then sped it up in the movie to make it seem like his feat had been performed at regular speed. This stems from the fact that some people have seen "jumping" and flashing and whatnot during the video, hinting at such editing.