• … of the Month: GameCola Stationary

    Yeah yeah, that's right! Your faaavorite webazine has its own stationary! In a perfect world, anyway. In this godforsaken hell-hole filled with NO GAMECOLA PAPER WHAT-SO-EVER, unfortunately, we do not. But it is something that is becoming increasingly necessary, and you must admit it would be awesome. Some of the various products we could have include: post-it notes (great for reminding the GameCola staff minus Paul to actually be on time for each issue), paper (with the GC logo in the upper corner, available in a variety of colors), postcards, swimsuit calendars, greeting cards, folders, notebooks, planners, posters, etc. You name it, and if its made out of paper (or anything else really, it doesn't matter), we will put our label on it! Now, as to whether or not this idea will ever take effect.. I really don't know. If it does get off the ground, I imagine it will be in the form of Paul writing "GC" on the top of some generic yellow post-its, and writing some angry message like "GET YOUR DAMNED ASSIGNMENTS IN YOU BUFFOONS!" However it works out, it's still an amazing idea and definitely worthy of its spot in this "...of the Month: hall of amazingness.