Yet Another New DS

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On March 23rd, Nintendo (presumably embarrassed about their poor showing at GDC 2010) announced that they’re planning yet another version of the DS. This makes at least four different kinds of DSes, and it begs the question: how many times can Nintendo re-package the same system and still have it sell?

First, there was the DS. Then, they made the DS Lite, which is the DS, only smaller. After that, they made the DS XL, which is the DS, only larger. What’s next?

“It’s the DS Lite XL,” said Nintendo’s Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Doodlebug. “It’s just like the DS Lite, only larger! Or you could say, it’s just like the DS XL, only smaller!”

“Is it the exact same thing as the DS?” I asked.

“Um…no comment.”

Yet another kind of DS: The Special Edition.

Just kidding, everyone! The new DS is called the 3DS, and it lets you play games…in 3D!!! Just like Alice in Wonderland 3D, or Avatar 3D or When is This Stupid Fad Going to End? 3D. Sure, 70% of all the videogames made after Super Mario 64 have been in 3D, but this doesn’t mean they won’t promote 3D gaming like it’s the most original concept in the history of the world! After all, it’s THREE D! D! D! D!

“Does ‘D’ stand for ‘dumb’?” I asked Mr. Doodlebug.

“In this case, yes,” he responded.

No more details about the system were released, other than the fact that you will not need to wear ridiculous-looking glasses (phew!). Also, the name is subject to change at any time, because “3DS” sounds a little bit too much like “3DO,” by jingo. Expect to hear much more about this system at E3D, later this year.

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  1. When will companies understand that I don’t want to wear stupid glasses when I play video games? I want to wear a full feedback VR body suit when I play video games.

  2. hey guys, first post. I find the 3d movies are really immersive, although I don’t like hearing “avatar in 3D!” and stuff like that, if they just stated that it is Avatar and maybe offered times that its shown in 3D for folk who don’t mind the polarized glasses, and also a show timeing for people who don’t want to wear them and just watch it normally. I really enjoy the depth into the movie with stereoscopy used, i just hate the way its presented. 3D sounds like its a gimmick also because it always was a gimmick until nowish (often being red and blue or having to wear glasses), the 3DS nintendo console doesn’t require any glasses or anything, just your own two eyes, although for the first day or so when playing i found it stressful, I don’t anymore. Infact when I turn the “3D” mode off, I lose interest in the game very quickly. I love running around in 3d, its not like the movies where you are inactively watching, in the games you are involved and it helps create a feeling of really being there, at least for me. I’ve always loved seeing things in 3D, with or without glasses.

    It isn’t so much a novelty for me so much as it is a logical progression.

    I’ve been waiting for something like this since I was really young, and it’s a step towards having a full blown hologram with no screen. Will that be a fad too? I bet some people will think so. All technology saw it’s fair share of doubt near their birth. Some survived and others were replaced by newer better technology, but seeing images in three dimensions instead of two seems to just be a step UP, especially now with no glasses required.

    Anyways thats my two cents. Peace folks!

  3. oh, also there are some major hardware upgrades in the 3DS. I had a Gameboy Advance and enjoyed it very much. When the DS came out I was reluctant to buy one, because I thought it looked silly. They repackaged it and eventually turned out the DSi which I thought was cool but I still did not buy one, because I figured by this time I will never use a handheld console, I’ll just stick to my TV consoles and Computer. But I did buy a 3DS and I’m very glad I did. I seem to only use my consoles for online play now, and my 3DS for everything else, even when I’m right next to the real console. Ocarina of Time is amazing in it’s own right. Experiencing the updated graphics and in three dimensions is Incredible, and it feels like it is the way it was meant to be played.

    I guess that’s my third cent!

  4. @chris re: the 3DS’ hardware upgrades, I went straight from the original DS to the 3DS, and the fact that I can actually see what’s happening on the screen, regardless of the lighting in my room or any other external factors, is a friggin’ godsend.

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