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Hello Paul + GameCola crew!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to commend all your efforts.  I used to believe in the deterioration of the teenage species as a result of video games, but congrats, you’ve made a convert out of me.

Here is a list of real world applications of video game connoisseurs:

1) The ability to fend off drug lords with intense jujitsu, should one find oneself abandoned in West Philly at  3  AM.

2) Fast twitch finger muscles can produce knitted scarves and sweaters in bulk in the event of a blizzard or a small African naked boy who shows up at one’s door

3) A zest for adventure and challenge which could lead one to Iceland to mingle with the Eskimos or to France to mock the non-armpit-shaving prostitutes

4) Inflated ego.  The more people who believe that “the fate of the world rests on your shoulders, Hakimoto”,  the better.  I bet Bill Gates once thought his name was Bill San and practiced tae bo in his computer closet.

That is all.  This is not a want ad.  Seek no one and nothing but the truth.  Happy summer!

– Robin


Dear GameCola Staff,

I feel as if a letter of response, a submission if you will, is in order.  I have just had the pleasure of perusing your very informative site dealing with the gaming community and the lifestyle thereof.  I must say, while not being at a status even remotely resembling even your lowliest of contributors, I have been known to partake in a few automotive simulations of my own.  And let me tell you, not to toot my own proverbial horn, but I am quite adept at “Need For Speed High Stakes”.  This letter is not about me, however, it is in fact about you.  I am thoroughly impressed at your expertise and ability in the area of video entertainment of the interactive kind.  Your site is a beacon for many.  I will now be stopping here from time to time, when not on my favorite site,, or searching for my trance music.  Keep up the excellent research and reporting.  I must go get ready for a party where I plan to get down with my funky self.  Good day to all.

-Stephen Cramer





– Homogenized Pork Fat



Stay tuned for an extra long, action packed double issue of Gates of Life with strange revelations and even stranger occurrences!!

– Brian Wolf


This is a watercolor i did for school.  It kinda sucks.  There are errors on it, like no dots on the hill, seven blocks instead of eight.


This is for school, also.  It’s an oil painting.


Another oil painting for school.  This was done in a week.  The week before school got out.


– Brian Vanek

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