Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Ted Gleason

Ted Gleasons's top 10 favorite videogames.

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GameCola fans and writers describe their favorite (and sometimes least favorite) games of all time.

Ted Gleasons’s Top 10 Favorite Games

10. Tetris (GBO): This game never gets old, no matter how long you play it.  Screw these new iterations of the classic, give me the old green and gray gameboy version, plain and simple, addictive and magnificent.

9. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64): One of the most amazing games of all time, the sheer scope of this game shook me.  Featuring one of the best storylines I can remember, and graphics that, at the time, blew me away, as well as some of the best gameplay ever, Miyamoto-san’s masterpiece kicks major ass.

8. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (SG): Fast, exciting gameplay, innovative level design, and some nice tweaks to the standard formula helped edge this one slightly above the rest of the series (that 3D crap sonic3doesn’t count).  Plus, the bonus stages kept me up till the wee hours of the night trying to get the chaos emeralds.

7. Grandia (PSX): Grandia did something that most other low-quality RPGs couldn’t do, namely create characters with more dimensions than a piece of paper, and create a battle system that didn’t make me dread every time the screen went WHOOSH into another battle.  Classic, check it out, but leave its craptacular sequel alone.

6. Harvest Moon (SNES, GB): How many other games have the balls to be about farming?  I actually enjoyed the everyday life of a farmer, and felt compelled to see it through till the end.

5. Bust-a-Move (series): Forget that knock-off “Snood” bullshit, BAM did it first, and did it better.  Pure adrenaline and hand-eye coordination are a must for this timeless action/puzzle game.

4. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Arcade): Sure, all of the Street Fighter games are classic, but this one is my favorite.  Seizure-inducing action and visuals round off the insane fun-factor and ridiculous gameplay.  The only bad thing about this game is the pseudo jazzy soundtrack that was incredibly out of place.

3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX): Combining the awesome exploration of Super Metroid and the gothic aura of the previous Castlevanias, plus just a dash of role-playing elements, SotN never disappoints.  Everything in this game is so well designed and always fun, plus it even stays crunchy in milk.

2. Super Mario World (SNES): One hundred plus levels of classic Mario action made even greater by some of the best power-ups our friendly Italian plumber brothers have ever offered.  Yoshi rocks hardcore too, and the whole alternate universe deal kicks ass.

1. Final Fantasy (series): I only list them all as one because a list of ten FF games would be boring and stupid.  These games all kick my ass in terms of amazing story, fantastic graphics, and awesome battle systems.  Seriously folks, they’re… the best.  My personal fav is VIII.  Check it out or kindly be square.

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From 2004 to 2005

Ted Gleason is a former staff member from GameCola's early days as a monthly email newsletter.

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