The Gates of Life: Chapter 12 – Everyone!

Render: Well, it sure did take a long time for the smoke to clear from that explosion.

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Chapter Twelve:

Render: Well, it sure did take a long time for the smoke to clear from that explosion.

Rivers: Feels like it’s been two months since the explosion happened… I wonder what’s taking so long.

Enrique: Damn lag.

Jonathan: It actually cleared quite a while ago… where were you guys?

Render: Huh… Oh well. Where’s everyone else?

Jonathan: I took a large stone wall, a strange creature, some generic looking person, this whiney emo kid, and his bitchy girlfriend back to the ship, and Barin, Najen, Apul, Naelroe, and Dugo are all waiting for you at the beach over there.

Render: Whiney emo kid? Girlfriend? Generic person?

Rivers: Oh yeah… you must be talking about Jordan and Liaunde… dunno about the generic guy, though.

Render: Jordan and Liaunde? Friends of yours, Rivers?

Rivers: Sort of… I know them from high school.

Render: Alright then…

Enrique: What about the generic d00d?

Jonathan: It’s probably just another one of those people who decided that they want to be involved in our little story here, but then is too lazy to bother giving themselves any sort of flair or even the slightest bit of personality, so they just sit around and slow the entire story down.

Rivers: Why would someone do that if they weren’t going to follow through, though?

Jonathan: I’m not sure… It is pretty irritating, though.

Enrique: Ya man, it’s lame.

Render: In any case, let’s not worry about that right now, we have to go meet those five… wait five?! Did you say Apul was there?!

Jonathan: Yes I did, why?

Render: I thought you were Apul!

Rivers: No… I was just disguised as him.

Render: Well, I know that much, but I didn’t think there was a real Apul.

Rivers. Oh… well, there is.

Enrique: Wild.

Render: Wasn’t Naelroe on our side, too? Or was that just another disguise?

Rivers: How the hell should I know?! You’re the one who went out and met her in the first place!

Render: Well, even if she was, I’m sure she’s not too happy with us now. You did turn her into a tree, after all.

Rivers: That was an accident and you know it!!

Render: It doesn’t matter now… let’s just go. We need to take care of those people and get to a ship, andt hen we can sort out all of these new “mystery” crewmates we seem to have acquired.

Jonathan: we could use another party member, though. It wouldn’t be the best to rush in there four against five.

Render: Ah… you’re right. Hey Enrique, aren’t you a wizard or something? Can’t you summon up another ally or something?

Enrique: Sure, what do you want me to summon?

Rivers: Wait… why don’t we just warp ourselves to the ship or something, and just leave them here waiting for us?

Render: Well, I suppose we could do that, but we aren’t going to level up at all if we just run away from every battle. And then what happens when we can’t run away? Huh? Huh? Huh??

Rivers: It was just a suggestion, jeez.

Jonathan: Enrique, you’d better just get to the summoning.

Enrique: Ok.

Enrique began a summoning spell, and a cloud of red smoke began to form in front of him.

Render: Agh… Not more smoke.

Rivers: Yeah.. hopefully this wont’ take months to dissipate.

Jonathan: It’s already gone… I don’t see what your problem is with smoke.

Render: Oh… well… anyway…

Enrique: Done.

Rivers: What did you summon?

???: He summoned me!

Jonathan: A… vampire?

???: You wouldn’t think a frickin’ minotaur would be surprised to see me.

Render: So what is your name, then?

???: Dracula!!

Render: …Dracula, eh?

Rivers: That’s… pretty horrible.

???: Why? Hey wait… why didn’t my ??? name change to Dracula??

Render: We are not calling you Dracula.

???: Why not?? It’s bad ass!!

Enrique: Ugh…

Jonathan: Hey… you summoned him!

Enrique: Not my fault.

Render: Just pick something else, vampire.

???: Ok, ok… how about… SEPHIROTH!!

Render: This is going nowhere…

Rivers: That’s even worse.

???: Ok, fine. I’ll choose a new name.

Render: No, you’ve lost your chance. Your new name is n00b.

n00b: What? No! Hey, it changed! Damn you!!

Render: No complaining. Now, let’s go.

The group of five walked toward the beach, where they ran into a familiar looking group of individuals.

Barin: I’ve been waiting a long time to get my revenge, Render.

Apul: And I’ve been waiting a long time to find out who’s been impersonating me… This ends now, Rivers.

Dugo: And I’ve been waiting a long time to get another damned line in this nonsensical story.

Naelroe: And also, I have been waiting quite a long time to not be a tree anymore… and also to have my name back.

Render: So you are Tryn, then… Well nothing here is making much sense, now is it?

Najen: It’s funny you should mention “nothing”, because that’s exactly what you’re about to become!!

n00b: And you guys called me lame.

Jonathan: I’m going to have to agree with n00b on this one… that was a pretty awful line.

Rivers: Yea… that was just terrible.

Enrique: Totally.

Barin: Enough talk! Render, you’re mine!

Apul: And I’m taking you out, Rivers!

Naelroe: I’ll get… hmm… I guess…

Jonathan: Yeah… Who are we supposed to fight here?

n00b: Well…

Which Gate Do You Choose?

Gate 001

 n00b: Jonathan vs. Dugo

 Enrique vs. Najen

 n00b vs. Naelroe

Gate 121

 n00b: Jonathan vs. Najen

 Enrique vs. Naelroe

 n00b vs. Dugo

Gate 694

n00b: Jonathan vs. Naelroe

Enrique vs. Dugo

n00b vs. Najen

This poll ends on June 7.

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