Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (SNES)

Good times WILL be had and it won't take forever to have them.

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  • System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Genre: Role-playing
  • Max Players: 1
  • Age Rating: Everyone
  • US Release: October 1992
  • Developer: Squaresoft
  • Publisher: Squaresoft

The long forgotten Final Fantasy, the one that came between that one with the main character that you could have sworn was a girl…and that OTHER one with the main character the you could have sworn was girl. This is the installment of the unending final fantasy that was never numbered and never very popular. Perhaps it was because of its lack of a prominent flying ship.  Really, how fun can a game be without a flying ship!

Well, despite all of its shortcomings, this game still is pretty fun. This is a very linear RPG. There are very few choices that you can actually make for yourself. While you do usually have one other party member, the storyline dictates which is with you and which has left to go do their own thing. You never have more than two members in your party at a given time, though the second member changes throughout the game. And if you happened to gain a soft spot in your heart for any one of these pals, and feel the need to cry when you see them run off into the sunset, fear not! For everyone that joins you will exit and rejoin your party AT LEAST once. Good times for all!


Even the items and weapons you find are pretty basic; you just keep finding better and better things as you go. However, you can choose between wielding the all powerful swords found in most RPGS, or my favorite, the weird claw things. I really like them because they protect you from those DEVILISH status effects. Anyways…

The graphics and audio are pretty basic for any RPG of the SNES age. Really, they all look almost exactly alike. It creeps me out. The sounds are nothing spectacular; just the usual slashing and beeping noises you’ve grown accustomed to.

The controls are very simple—just walking around and choosing options from the easy-to-read and handy-dandy menu! Nothing complicated at all, though this can also be said for…every RPG…ever. This game is also very short. That’s probably why I had so much fun playing it. Advancing the storyline is very simple and goes faster and it keeps you wanting to play.

Mystic Quest never really gets impossibly difficult, either, which is a feature I like. There is no need to run off and make sure your character is 400 levels higher than everything nearby because even with my less-than-super claw contraption, it’s pretty simple to get to the last boss. The last boss, however, is very powerful and will provide probably the only true challenge you meet in this game.

Sadly, this game doesn’t really have any replay value at all. Since the game is so linear and there is only one character there really is not much difference no matter how the game goes…because it always goes the same way!

So the fact that the replay value doesn’t really exist and that the game in general is very short, it makes this game—while probably not a worthwhile purchase—a very good rental! So if you’re bored one day, it wouldn’t hurt to rent this game! Although it’s probably not out there to rent, eh…since its all like from the 90’s and whatnot, buuut, borrow it from a friend! Good times WILL be had and it won’t take forever to have them.

  • GameCola Rates This Game: 6 - Above Average
  • Score Breakdown

  • Fun Score: 8
  • Audio Score: 7
  • Visuals Score: 5
  • Controls Score: 7
  • Replay Value: 4
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