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Hi! Okay… so… I noticed there haven’t been anymore Loafy Carl. I’ve literally been waiting and waiting and still no more Carl. I would be lying if I said I was okay with all of this. Quite frankly I’m really hurt and upset. It’s like a dagger through my heart to not see my favorite stip up anymore. I mean seriously. I think I’m in love with the red headed character. For real. I’ve had serious fantasies about it. I imagine him being my man. I don’t care if he is “just a comic character” I really seriously love him. I wait everyday for him. And yet no more. I miss my lover. I use those strips as a life force. It keeps my love for him alive!! I want to have his babies!!! It’s hipocracy!! Why must you devils deprive me of my love?! Bring Loafy Carl back!!! 


In love and hurting 

P.S. Please bring back Loafy Carl!!!

Heres some feedback, didn’t realize I was being so passive.  Keep up the good work! Oh and my favorite part of this issue was neals drawing of megaman wailing on his guitar, neal is awesome.  The worst part was the distasteful trashing of an epic game like Revolution X.  Come on franzen, any game with a two play shooter mode deserves at least a 5.  That game is fun, and hilarious.  psht whatever.    


I love GameCola!

I submitted a top-10 list about six months ago and I must say, I love your damn site! It’s absolutely one of the best on the web. I would love to be a contributer, but I imagine you guys get about six thousand submissions a day. I just wanted to say that after the second or third of each month, I check this site to see if it’s been updated. More than Gamespot, Gamespy, Insert Credit, etc., I look to your home-brew news to keep me updated. I’m a paralegal in Portland, OR and sometimes, I just need to know what the fuck is going on with video games. Thank you for being you.


Travis Combs

P.S. Is it wrong to be in love with Julie Kozarsky? I hope not, ’cause I am.

Great Moments in Gaming

My friends at GameCola:

I know a description is not necessary, but I find it necessary.  As for the first part (DKC), I remember it being THE GAME to have in 1994.  I got it and spent endless hours trying to hit 101%.

The Concrete Donkey, however, is a completely different story.  I loved the entire Worms series ever since my cousin introduced me to the original Worms for DOS.  The crazy weapons always hit me as a completely different way to play such a well executed game.

Your Haiku Master,

Adam Bickley



– Eric Regan

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