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Favorite Part of the Last Issue

The part where you forgot that there is one character in a fairly well known game with much facial hair. I am of course referring to Barret from Final Fantasy VII. I forget if any of the Shinra people from that game had facial hair, but I think some of them did. I mean, it’s not like you can effectively dress up as a 300 lb. black man, but maybe as one of the Shinra peeps. I think Tseng had facial hair.

– Andrew Zintl

Having never played the game I’ve gotta take your word for it, but those who have played the game tell me Barret isn’t quite the hero of Final Fantasy VII.

Matt and his wonderful ears. I want to touch them even tho I am a racist liberal who punches boys in the boob.

– sper

“You’re balancing your keyboard on your bare lap as you desperately try to wipe your ass with your primitive bathroom tissue.
You fail, get shit on your hand, and in a moment of panic jam the shitty finger into your own eye socket.”

It made me laugh… out loud, and have my roommate think I’m crazy!

– Becca

that you are offering an alex mack book. i got the whole season downloaded along with Are You Afraid of the Dark? bet the books would be cool.

seriously though, the test game was cool and so was the review of the FF movie, which in hindsight sucked, but first viewing ruled. (it was so bad i left it at my grandfather’s house in Panama)

on a gamecola nostolgic note i miss Neil’s loafy carl comic.

– Zack Dusedau

Other Comments

i thouigh it sucked be cause i still can’t get my rock rpg or my fighter game that boastes 2000 characters to work. notting ever works. i have no money left over from the summer. the sega still works??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

– poodle

The sad thing is, I actually know who this is and what he’s talking about.

That Final fantasy was such a travisty a skateboarding monkey is better.

– Genevieve Regan


“Why does he always do this to me?” Paul wondered aloud. It was 11:50 p.m., ten minutes before the deadline, and of course, Matt didn’t have his stuff in yet.

Paul drummed his fingers against his computer desk in agitation. All he asked was that his staff write some articles for him and get them to him by midnight. Was that unreasonable? Was it too much to expect?

Paul was even more irked by the fact that everyone else seemed to have been able to meet with his requests�everyone except his best friend, Matt, who happened to share an apartment with him.

Remembering all the way back to last month’s due date, Paul realized that he would once again need to confront Matt and demand his just rewards if nothing came his way soon.

Paul found his fingers twitch faster as some remote part of his mind contemplated what those rewards might be.

Finally, with less than a minute left before midnight, Paul lurched upright and left his room to venture out into the wilds of his apartment..

Before he knew it, Paul found himself in front of Matt’s door, and he knocked twice.

The other boy opened the door from within, and the two pairs of eyes met briefly.

“Where’s your stuff, man?” Paul said in what he thought of as his harshest tone.

Matt looked at him blankly for a little while, and then said, “Wait…. The deadline’s tonight?”

Paul smacked himself in the head with his hand. He should have thought to put a post-it note on Matt’s door earlier!

“Yeah, it’s tonight. Do you think you could whip something up in the next few minutes or so?”

Matt sighed deeply, and Paul couldn’t help noticing the rise and fall of his well-formed shoulders.

Finally, Matt said, “Yeah, I guess I can do that. I’ve got ideas for my review and such, but I have no idea what to write for Of The Month. I guess I’ll just write about the first random thing I see like I usually do.”

Paul responded with, “Yeah I suppose that’ll be fine. Just let me know when you’ve got the stuff. I’ll be in my room.”

Paul turned to leave again, and was almost out of sight of the door and very nearly in control of his shaking hands again when he heard Matt call out to him. “Hey Paul, wait,” he said.

“How about this,” he continued when Paul turned around again, his breath catching slightly in his throat.

“What if I did a Mario themed Of The Month?”

“Um…. Sure,” Paul replied. “Do you have something Mario-ish to write about?

“Well…” Matt looked down briefly, almost as if he was shy�but Paul quickly discarded that thought. “Do you remember that Mario thing I gave you for Christmas last year?”

Paul thought for a minute. There was only one Mario-themed gift Matt had given him last year, but he mustn’t get his hopes up that Matt meant that gift.

He decided to go with a safe answer. “Wait, what?” he said, and gave himself a mental pat on the back for such quick thinking.

“Haha, you know man,” Matt went on. “The boxers.”

“Haha, oh yeah,” Paul replied nonchalantly. “That gift. Well, what did you want with them?”

“I just thought I could write about ’em is all,” Matt clarified. “Do you have them around? I’ll need a picture of them to go with the article.”

Paul felt himself blush a little.

“Well actually, um,” Paul paused before going on, “I’m sorta… wearing them.”

Matt’s eyebrows raised in surprise. And then Paul could almost swear he saw a smirk flit across the other boy’s face.

Then Matt said something Paul thought he’d never hear:

“That’s alright. Just drop your pants, man, and we’ll get a picture.”

Paul nearly fell over in surprise.

In a daze, his hands wandered towards his belt, but then Matt cried out, “Not in here! Jesus!”

Paul laughed in what he thought must be a mix between embarrassment and relief. Mostly relief, surely.

The two boys had a good hearty laugh over the misunderstanding.

Paul turned to leave for real this time, and Matt let him go.

When he returned to his room, GameCola’s editor-in-chief settled down on his bed and weighed his possibilities.

He pulled out his camera and looked at it, debating thoughtfully about what his next course of action should be.

Ten minutes later, Paul sat at his computer again, ready to send the resulting pictures to his buddy.

When Matt was ready, Paul sent him two pictures:

One of the famed boxers by themselves, lying on Paul’s bed.

And one of the boxers in the same position, but with a Paul in them.

He closed his eyes and waited to see what the other boy would do.

– The Lizo

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