Versus Mode: PS3’s Release Date, Gay-Friendly Guilds, Bomberman’s New Look, and More

GC writer Janra Roberts discusses when the PS3 will be released, whether Blizzard should allow gay-friendly guilds, Bomberman's new design, and more.

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You know this GameCola newbie from “Player Two” and his review last month of Guitar Hero. That’s right! This month in Versus Mode it’s:


Janra Roberts~!

1. There’s any chance at all that PS3 comes out this spring.

Janra Roberts: No, because:

a) If Sony was going to start sales this spring (which, by the way, is only a month or so away), then it would be selling the system at a low sales time in videogames, what with the weather getting nicer and outside play more prevalent.

b) We haven’t seen crap from Sony yet! There is no reason to think it’ll ship soon if we haven’t seen anything new in system specs, in what the thing will actually look like (I still don’t think what it showed at E3 was what it’ll turn out to be) and come on… The Xbox 360 was advertising a month before it came out *at least*. Where’s the love, Sony? Where is the over-hyped, expensive and probably bug-ridden love?

2. Blizzard should allow gay-friendly guilds.

Janra:  Really, what Blizzard needs to do is clarify its policy to a basic point. I can see where it’s going with this— if you have a gay-friendly guild, and you advertise that, then the idiots on the server will throw around insults and verbal jabs. It’s sad. It’s stupid. But Blizzard doesn’t even want that can of worms open. So instead of trying to stop players from using this group as ammo, it chose to take the ammo away. No GBLT advertised group means one less reason to bother other players. At the other end of the spectrum, it shouldn’t allow a neo-nazi group, because even if they don’t bother anyone, everyone else would crap all over them. As they should. But i think you get my point.

3. Best Buy employees got what was coming to them.

Janra:  As a retail zombie I saw exactly what this was: the work of some overstepping district manager trying to make more money. It’s one of the biggest, dirtiest secrets in retail that everyone already knows. People will do almost anything to make a buck. You can be sure the people who went to the media were in a bit of trouble too, but those who didn’t follow the “policy” and others who posted the information—they’re the real heroes.

The manager and the DM who got fired? Screw them. You can mess with prices, but you can’t mess with a huge opening like that. I bet quite a few people won’t be shopping at those Best Buys for quite some time after this.

4. It’s probably best the Uwe Boll stays away from videogames.

Janra: Absolutely. Maybe now he’ll finally figure out what makes him useful to the human race. I hope to see him working a toll booth some where.

5. Bomberman really needed a new look.

Janra:  What the hell is this crap? Obviously they are trying to develop a game to combat Metroid Prime, and they couldn’t develop something… good. There is nothing to connect this game with the last ones, unless the end of the game features this badass, stick up his butt, not fun at all to look at Bomberman getting shrunk down into a pintsized fun loving pyromaniac.

Really, how did they get from puzzle game to shooter? How, I ask you!!

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