Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Joel Tandberg

Joel Tandberg's top 10 favorite videogames.

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GameCola fans and writers describe their favorite (and sometimes least favorite) games of all time.

Joel Tandberg’s Top 10 Favorite Games

1. Gran Turismo (PSX): When this game came out I was only about three years into my obsession with cars, and it blew me like my first love. (Sidenote: If you’re out there Samantha, I still kind of hate you.) But seriously, this was to be the standard to which all racing simulators would be held to. Forever.


2. Halo (MXB): Come on! Do I need to explain the joys of two Xboxes, two large TVs and eight friends?? I must have wasted half of a year in Fallon Nevada with my Navy buddies playing this game, not to mention playing with my best friend co-op on Legendary.

3. Final Fantasy VII (PSX): This was, by far, the largest most epic-of-scope game I’ve played to-date. It was simply a life of school, work and FF7. The characters were just about perfect, the cutscenes were breath-taking (even now) and the gameplay always presented new challenges.

4. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES): If you haven’t played this game, buy it. If you don’t like it, DIAF. This is the only RPG I would ever play as much as FF7—just a splendid effort and a fun time the whole way through.

5. Super Mario Bros 3 (NES): Come on, tell me you didn’t love the Tanooki suit? Or the frog suit? Or the P-Wings? Until Super Mario World came out this was probably the most expansive game there was.


6. Forza Motorsport (MXB): Yes, two racing games on the same top ten list. If you don’t like it, get off your ass and make your own. This game has taken racing to a whole new level. The physics engine is almost without fault, the graphics are probably everything the Xbox is capable of and the game is large. ‘Nuff said.

7. Ace Combat 4 and 5 (PS2): These games are stellar. I worked at TOPGUN in Fallon, Nevada for three years, and the pilots were beside themselves with these games. The planes are very accurate, the roster of planes is ginormous and the gameplay leaves almost nothing to be desired. And who didn’t like the missile camera function?!

8. Resident Evil 4 (PS2): It’s about time. Okay, so the controls still aren’t perfect, but they are leagues beyond the prior games. Being scared out of your mind has never been so fun.

9. Mario Kart 64 (N64): Do I really even need to say anything about this highly addictive, insanely fun game? And no, it’s not a racing simulator, so sod off. This caused a lot of boring nights with the girlfriend to be uh… not so boring.


10. Evil Dead Fistfull of Boomstick (MXB): Is this a good game? Fuck no, I just think it’s the last time anyone will try to make a game with Ash and his chainsaw. That’s such a damn shame I had to include it. If I could have designed this game—oh the possibilities. I think everybody who loves the Evil Dead campy-ness should buy this game and pray they take another swing at it. Is anyone at Valve listening?

I’ve decided that a list like this is incredibly hard to make. How do you begin to cull your favorites into just ten? I’ve done my best, but I know there are about 20 or so games I’m in love with that deserve their places on here. But, these I guess are the cream of my crop (that’s not a sexual joke, for there have been too many in this list).

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