The Gates of Life: Episode 33 – Fusion

Rivers: I'll use my unstoppable fusion powers to solve this mess!

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Chapter Thirty-Three

Rivers: I’ll use my unstoppable fusion powers to solve this mess!

tgol2Evil Narrator: Not so fast, fool! I’ll just-

Narrator Two: Rivers throws out four fusion balls, two of them hitting Enrique and Jonathan, and the other two hitting Evil Narrator and Rivers, himself.

Evil Narrator: Wait! How did you…!

Narrator Two: The fusion begins to take hold of the four, fusing Rivers and the Evil Narrator into one super narrator, and fusing Enrique and Jonathan into a giant Barbarian Battlemage Minotaur Smashy Smasher.

Super Evil Rivers Narrator (SERN): The fusion gets suddenly nullified! No, it doesn’t! It stays just like it is! No, it DOESN’T!! YES it DOES!!

Barbarian Battlemage Minotaur Smashy Smasher Enriquathan (BBMSSE): Ah! Such power! Genericus, you traitorous wretch, you are mine.

Genericus: I’ll kill you in a minute. First, I’m curious. Where did this other narrator come from?

SERN: Yea! Where did you come from, you…! No, it doesn’t matter!! Welcome back! DIEEEE!!

BBMSSE: No time for talking, I’m going to destroy your face with my cannon arms!

SERN: You have cannon arms!?

tgol1Narrator Two: Yes, he has cannon arms.

Genericus: Cannon arms…. But, where did you come from?

Narrator Two: If you must know, the Council is always alerted when one of our narrators is…denarrated. They sent me out to take care of things. I should take care of that right now,actually.

SERN: What do you mean?! You know what he means! No, tell me!!

Narrator Two: Narrator came back.

SERN: Noooo!!!!

Narrator: Ha! I’m back!

Narrator Two: I trust you can handle this. I’m going back.

Narrator: Now, for some revenge. Where are you, evil narrator?


Narrator: SERN dies a horrible death.

SERN: *gurgle*

BBMSSE: What?! Nooo!!

Narrator: That takes care of that.

Genericus: Hm. Well, let’s get on with this, Enriquathan.

Narrator: Heh, you think I’m just gonna let you two fight?! Screw that, I’m going to destroy you myself, Genericus!

Narrator Two: The Council has instructed me to suspend your powers of narration due to an abuse of power. You are hereby merely an observer. Don’t make me come back again.

tgol3Observer: Dammit!

Genericus: Heh….

Enriquathan: Well, let’s get on with it.

Genericus: Fine by me.

???: Not so fast!

Observer: Ugh! What now?!

Jordan: Did you forget about me?

Observer: Yea, actually…are you that emo kid?

Jordan: I’m metal now, ass.

Observer: Ah ha….

Genericus: Do you have a reason to be here? Did you come to die, as well?

Jordan: Riiight…. Actually, I came to kick the hell out of that damn Render. Where is he?

Observer: You are so behind the times. He’s already dead. Along with everyone else, pretty much.

Jordan: What do you mean, everyone else?

tgol4Enriquathan: Yeah, Liaunde is dead, too.

Jordan: What?! How?!

Genericus: I’ll take credit for that. She was no longer of any use.

Jordan: You freaking crap piece, I’ll chop off your eyestrings!!!

Observer: …eh?

Genericus: Fine, I’ll take you both. Let’s just get this over with.

???: You know, you people are really pissing me off more than usual with this.

Observer: What?

n00b: We were supposed to use MY plan to destroy Genericus! He killed MY tag-team partner, and this was going to be my chance for revenge! But I’ve been completely ignored throughout this entire episode!

Enriquathan: He’s right. Oh well, let’s fight.

Genericus: Hey, that rhymes.

Jordan: Get out of here, n00b. This is MY turn for revenge.

n00b: You can’t have your turn until I get mine!

Jordan: Fine, you vampiric freak. I’ll take you out and then I’ll take out this Generic…guy.

n00b: Bring it, bitch!

Observer: Hold up. What’s to stop Enriquathan and Genericus from going at it while you two are fighting?

Enriquathan: I’ve got it!

Genericus: I’m predicting your idea to be stupid. We’ll go with my plan.

n00b: No, DAMNIT. We will finally listen to ME!!!

Jordan: What was that? I wasn’t listening.

n00b: Grrrrrr!!!!!

Which Gate Do You Choose?


Enriquathan: We’ll have a tournament to decide this! We will roll some 20 sided dice to decide who fights who in the first round!


Genericus: I’ll take you all on. Let’s go.


n00b: I have the greatest plan you will ever hear. Too bad you all suck and never listen to me.


Jordan: I will sing your asses off, butt gnomes.

This poll ends on May 7.

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