Versus Mode: E3, Denzel as Master Chief, Halo 4, and More

GC's Casey Levine and Eric Regan discuss whether E3 is ruined, whether Denzel Washington would make a good Master Chief, whether there should be a Halo 4, and more.

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denzelYou know her from her monthly reviews, and you know him from DCW and Super Thumbs. That’s right! This month in Versus Mode it’s:

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Casey Levine vs. Eric Regan~!

1. E3 is ruined.

Casey: I will miss E3.  It was the time of year that I always got re-excited about videogaming.  I wouldn’t say that it’s completely ruined, but I don’t think it will ever be the same. Perhaps we’ll begin to see more game expos popping up to fill the void.  In any event, I’m not going to give up all hope.  It is kind of sad that E3 is becoming all closed-off, but hopefully other expos will move in to fill the void.

Eric: E3 is ruined. Sorta. Well I mean, from the videogame fan’s perspective and the large videogame company’s perspectives, it is. The small time game companies won out on this move, well again sort of, because who really buys those games?

E3 was a huge event that brought a ton of attention to the videogame world from tons of different media that, during the rest of the year, pay no attention to it. So I really do think this really doesn’t help out the industry as a whole, and it kind of kills the magic that was E3, or at least, the magic everyone claimed it was. However, I don’t see E3 staying down, The kinds of revenue that it attracted will be missed, and if not E3, some other sort of huge videogame showcase will likely sprout up in it’s place.

2. Denzel Washington would make the perfect Master Chief.

Casey: Honestly, to me Master Chief is so generic a character that almost anyone could play him. I really couldn’t care less, since I am sure that the acting ability will take a backseat to the action, anyway.


Eric: Denzel wouldn’t be a great fit for Master Chief because Denzel is a fine upstanding actor who really shouldn’t be associated with any sort of videogame movie, ESPECIALLY one as POOR as Halo!! HA!!!

OK, why I REALLY don’t think it would be the best of ideas is because Denzel is, well, he is Denzel! He already has his persona and his image ingrained in the hearts of millions of the movie going public. On the other hand Master Mhief…is…Master Chief! That weird green shiny dude with the helmet on—they don’t go together at all. Master Chief just wouldn’t be the same unmasked, but you can not have a movie with Denzel and not show everyone it is Denzel! It really is a poor match up that should not come to be.

3. You’d have to be out of your friggin’ mind to pay 20 bucks for a Madden ’07 promo show.

Casey: Well, it’s not something I would ever do, but then I would never play a Madden game anyway.  I would bet that there are plenty of people out there who are willing to pay to see a promo show.  Although why you would ever do that is beyond me…it’s not as if it’s going to be much different from last year’s game.

Eric: If you ordered a Madden promo, you’re insane. If you thought about it, you should also think about committing yourself. If you think its not that bad of an idea, then you have made A LOT of bad decisions in your life!! Twenty dollars to watch a COMMERCIAL?! I remember back in the day when Nintendo would send me promo videos all the time for FREE hoping to get me addicted to their crack-esque games.

Madden games do not change all that much year from year—you know what you’re getting with the game, which is probably why you are buying it the first place. Does seeing the game a little earlier than everyone else really seem worth actual, you know…money? You’re already buying it when it comes out! Just wait!! Save yourself the EXTRA stigma of pure loserdom, because if your that hyped up for a game, you’re already knee deep in lamitude.

4. Sony is racist.

Casey: After looking at the advertisement, I can understand why people might get upset about it.  The white model is clearly dominant over the black one, and this could be interpreted as a show of superiority.  I can see what Sony was going for, but clearly they did not consider the racial undertones present in the image.  Bottom line: This was not the smartest marketing decision Sony has made. They should go back to the drawing board with this one, and find another way to advertise their new color.


EricSony isn’t racist—it’s just trying to create a buzz around a NEW product that isn’t actually NEW! Race is always a hot topic in our lives, and Sony just hopes that by using this they can bring attention to a pretty underwhelming product that they still are having problems generating quality games for. When the PSP first came out, if you remember, the commercials then showed lots of people of various skin tones and such playing a PSP and passing it on and so forth. The only color Sony really cares about is green.

5. There won’t and should not be a fourth Halo.

Casey: I can understand why Halo fans would like to see the series continue, but in my opinion the game would just get stale.  Whenever I finish up a great game, I am always torn between wanting more and worrying that another game in the series would ruin the joy.  I think that Halo fans need to accept that the story needs to come to a close before it gets dull and crappy, and look forward to whatever Bungie produces next.

Eric: I personally don’t think there should be another Halo because, well, how many versions of the same game does the world really need? Especially shooters, because they all have at least like five versions of themselves. The gaming world suffers from way too many sequels as it is because, well, people do buy sequels, and its hard to turn down a surefire money maker.

Of course, this is why there absolutely will be a fourth, fifth and maybe even sixth Halo. Now, they may start coming slower than the ridicules pace that they are coming out now, but sooner or later they will make more—that’s a given.

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