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Well well well, it is THAT time of the month again. I know all of you are out there sitting in your rooms crying and wondering when your next DOSE of THE awesome will come. Well, my friends, that time

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Well well well, it is THAT time of the month again. I know all of you are out there sitting in your rooms crying and wondering when your next DOSE of THE awesome will come. Well, my friends, that time is here! IT IS NOW! This month I bring you LOTS of multiplayer ACTION straight from the graduation party of a one MR. PAUL FRANZEN! CONGRATS PAUL!

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (PSX)

What’s that? I have to actually move around to play this game? OK then.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Down.


Fine fine, I’ll give it a SMALL chance, but I am not holding out much hope! When I was first watching people play this game, my first thoughts were “that really really looks too hard and not worth the effort.” Soon I learned it was even harder than it looked. HUZZAH! The gameplay is…well, I mean, I think everyone knows what the gameplay it. It’s pretty simple. Guitar Hero with feet, just it came out long long before Guitar Hero.

SO! Yes. The game. it’s incredibly hard and takes a lot of practice to know what on Earth you’re actually doing…but that doesn’t make it any less fun! At least, when you play it with friends it is fun. Alone? Well, let’s just say you DEFINITELY do not want to be the dude who plays DDR alone, and leave it at that. But if you have excess of energy and some nice stomping grounds, you should at least give this game a try. At least for five minutes. Though I’m not sure it’s humanly possible for anyone to beat THAT ironman mark I set.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Wii Sports (Wii)

ANOTHER game that requires actual movement? BAH! Well OK—it’s only the arms this time. Not so bad…. ANYWAYS, Wii Sports has a wide variety of games; you got your boxing, your baseball, your tennis, your golf and your bowling! What more could you ask for.

As with most games that require you to act like a fool, Wii Sports is much more fun with others than solo. Boxing, for one, is very fun with your friends. I mean, who doesn’t want continuously knock out their friends? That’s right! NO ONE! Bowling is one game I can see some bowling nutcases loving and playing for hours and hours in a dark room, but that is probably saying more about what I think about bowlers than the game. It sticks pretty close to the actual sport of bowling and MIGHT be the only game of the five that sticks to the game’s entire length.

wii1One game that most certainly doesn’t is baseball, where you only get THREE innings! What a RIP-OFF! Though, I do understand that most people do not share my love of baseball and three innings is more than enough to send them running for the hills gouging their eyes out. WEAKLINGS! They just don’t understand the game’s beauty! ITS BEAUTY I SAYS!

I suppose my least favorite of the five games would be tennis. I mean, it’s fun and all, but so are ALL the Wii Sports games! And it’s a lil’ weird moving two dudes around. It sort of creeps me out…. Hmm, I think there is one more…what game was that…hmm. Oh yes! Golf! Pretty sad that I couldn’t remember it YET just said tennis was my least favorite, isn’t it? Well, dem’s the breaks! Golf only goes three holes, which is more than enough while pretty fun and way easier than really going out and golfing.

These games are all pretty crazy—some don’t even require button-pressing! INSANITY ABOUNDS! But they should give many different kinds of people many different kinds of enjoyment. It definitely is a good choice for a game to be packaged with the WIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Ribbit King (PS2)

Oh precious simple controllers, how I hath missed thee! Now, to really enjoy this game, you MIGHT (will) have to disregard its very childish atmosphere. I mean, while playing the game you definitely will be having fun, but when looking back and describing what you did it sounds pretty silly! Because, in this game, you will be playing a beloved game of FROLF! That’s right: frog golf. It is a lot like golf, only with a frog and a catapult instead of a ball. Oh, and the course is completely whacked out with tons of obstacles and traps and such! OH THE FUN!


So, basically, it is like a large scale minigolf course with catapults, frogs and weird characters. WHAT COULD BE BETTER! If you play the game with an open mind, you will most likely have a grand ol’ time! DON’T BE A HATER! PLAY!

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Dungeon Runners (PC)

Dungeon Runners is a free online PC game. Well, you can pay a monthly fee if you so choose—I did not choose to do that. Big surprise, eh? The game is a bit different than other free online games. I suppose you can say it is in a persistent world, but, really, the only places in which you interact with players who aren’t in your group is in the towns. The game plays a lot like Diablo…a LOT like Diablo. The graphics are a bit odd, but that is the way I like my graphics! So, basically, this game is a weird free version of Diablo with oddball graphics!


With me so far? GREAT! Well, then let’s get into characters. You can choose from a magic user, warrior or archer to begin with, and you only get one character. However, once you play there are not that many differences in the characters beyond their starting abilities. So you can run around and bash things with a huge club as well as zapping them with lighting if you so wish. Hack-‘n’-slash at its, finest I says! OK, well, maybe “finest” is going a bit far, but the game’s still decent!

Captain Eric’s Super Thumbs says… Thumbs up!

Supernating Superdudes (PC-Web)

So is it fair to THUMB a game I haven’t really played in 2-3 years and that I’m not even sure is still active? HELLS YEAH IT IS! Superdudes is a Web site where you can play lots of stupid games and such to earn points and ranks and whatnot, but what I will be focusing on is the card game of Superdudes. Your rank in Superdudes determines what cards you have access to blah blah blah. I’m sure you can buy cards and whatnot as well, but, really, who cares enough about this game to do that? HA!


The game is kind of fun in itself. Each player has a certain number of hit points and selects the order in which to play his or her cards. The cards do various different things, with the most important of which being dealing and stopping damage. One person wins and gets the head of the loser for his or her collection. Pretty good deal. There is a lot of strategy behind picking which cards and whatnot, but sometimes it just feels all for nothing. The better cards you get the more likely you will win, so it is better to stick to battling people around your rank. That’s how it was back when I played, at least!

The game seems to STILL be going, which is kinda strange. It’s hard to tell how active the site is now—or if it is even still updated— but you definitely can still play. One downfall is actually finding active people to play against; there is no real way of knowing if someone logged on last week or last year. BUMMER

Captain Eric’s Super Thumbs says… Thumbs Up!

So…pretty impressive this month, eh? Eh?? YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT! Don’t deny it. But now, on to sadder news…yes, this month’s edition is now OVER! No more thumbs for an ENTIRE month! I really admire everyone’s spirit and ability to trudge on through the mundaneness of life when a new EXCITING edition of THE THUMBS is not awaiting them on the innerwebz. So remember to come back next month to get you FILL of the GREATNESS you know as THUMBS.

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