E3 2011: Japanese Games, Wii U Pricing, and More

GameCola concludes its E3 2011 coverage. Thanks for reading this week, everyone!

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OK, everyone, it’s been a wild and crazy week at E3 this year. GameCola is just about ready to close up shop on the E3 reporting front, but first, here’s all the other E3 news we could find:

  • There was a Tweet from one of the Japanese higher-ups at Square Enix, in which he notes that all of their big games at E3 this year—Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Hitman—come from the UK-based Eidos. He’s glad that Eidos is saving their bacon, but a little disappointed that none of Square’s Japanese games seem to be doing so well. Several reporters took this news, and ran sensationalist stories with headlines like Japan Can No Longer Make Good Videogames.
  • In a possibly-related story, some Japanese developers have announced that they will make pornographic videogames for the Wii U. They claim to be excited about the new controller, and what it can do for their industry. They plan to start work on this once their upcoming 3DS games are finished.
  • In completely opposite news, there is a Disneyland Kinect game. It perfectly duplicates the real Disneyland, minus the long lines for everything. In the place of the various rides, the game will have minigames, like in Adventures in the Magic Kingdom.


  • The Japanese President of Nintendo admitted that Nintendo might have messed up in its presentation on Tuesday, by focusing only on the Wii U controller, and never mentioning the system itself. He was careful to avoid using the word “mistake,” but he admitted that they should have at least shown a picture of the actual system.
  • Sony talked more about the PlayStation Vita and how it connects to the PS3. The attempts at PSP/PS3 connectivity didn’t really work so well, which is what inspired them to make sure that PSV/PS3 connectivity would be a slam dunk. They did not bring NBA superstar Kobe Bryant back onto the stage to prove the slam dunkiness of the connectivity.
  • People are complaining that the Wii U controller has a yellowish tint to it. In other news, people really need to find new things to complain about.
  • Reports say that the people at the Sega booth were insane, while the people at the Ubisoft booth were awesome. Meanwhile, the people at the Just Dance booth decided that, in retrospect, their plan to dance continuously for all three days of E3 was “not the best idea ever.”
  • Nintendo is still refusing to say what the Wii U will cost. Everyone expects that it will cost at least $300. The controller will probably be sold separately, for $3,000. Nintendo hinted that Wii U games will continue to sell at $50 each.
  • GameCola was somewhat disappointed by LucasArts. At E3 2009, they announced a remake of the first Monkey Island game. At E3 2010, the announced a remake of the second Monkey Island game. At E3 2011, they said nothing at all about remaking or re-releasing the third Monkey Island game, even though it’s the best one of the series.

All righty, that’s it for E3 2011! Hope you enjoyed our coverage this week, everyone!

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  1. I need an excuse to play Curse of Monkey Island, and being remade would have been the perfect reason. Oh well, it isn’t like it needs remaking, it is already a beautiful game. Good coverage, Mr Gray!

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