E3 2011: PSVita Details, Telltale Games, and More

GameCola's E3 coverage continues, with more news stories that other websites covered first.

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It’s the last day of E3, everyone! The news is starting to wind down at this point, but that’s OK, because we need the time to process some of the information we’ve received. Here’s all the news, in fits of print.

  • At their press conference, Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. Everyone was excited, and this story made headlines. Nintendo recently revealed that they have done absolutely no work whatsoever on the Smash Bros. games, besides hiring a producer.
  • Nintendo revealed more information about the Wii U. Right now, there is no multiplayer support for the Wii U; the controller is so fancy that the system can only use one controller at once. In better news, Nintendo is finally getting rid of Friend Codes; the Wii U’s online system will feature user accounts, just like the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.
  • Ubisoft announced the release date for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, which is November 15th. This game will either take place in Istanbul or Constantinople; I forget which. They also announced that they will make an Assassin’s Creed game for the Wii U.


  • In PlayStation news, Sony released an FAQ, all about PlayStation Vita. This FAQ is carefully designed to avoid answering any questions, and it contains much repetition of the phrase “we will announce the details at a later date.” Judging from what they say about “the new game medium,” it seems that the system will use SD cards for cartridges, and you will be able to download games to the SD card. They haven’t announced the name for this yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be called “The Piracy-Friendly Scheme.”
  • A different PlayStation source revealed that that Vita will not feature any region-locking, in accordance with their new piracy-friendly scheme.
  • Most of the reporters who got some hands-on time with the PlayStation Vita were huge whiners, and they complained that it is too hard to hold the PlayStation Vita. This is because the Vita is 7.2 inches wide, and you have to hold your fingers in a certain place, otherwise you’ll accidentally hit the touchpad on the back.
  • Speaking of huge systems, more details on the size of the Wii U controller were released. It is slightly bigger than the Wii console. That’s…um, wait, what? I thought it was a handheld controller!


  • Batman: Arkam City is going to feature Catwoman as a playable character. People will not stop talking about this.
  • Telltale Games finally arrived at E3! They had a new Jurassic Park demo, and they refused to say anything about King’s Quest, besides “it will be released next year.” Instead, Telltale tried to promote an upcoming project: The Walking Dead. This game stars a new character named Lee Everett. He gets arrested and is being driven to prison, when the zombie apocalypse occurs. He will team up with and protect a seven-year-old girl named Celestine. It is expected to be Telltale’s darkest game so far.
  • Does anyone remember Pokemon Rumble? It’s a Wiiware game, released for $15 in 2009. Few people purchased it, because it was different from most Pokemon titles. The sequel is launching this summer in Japan.
  • Resident Evil 3DS apparently looks great, but the controls are clunky.

OK, so that’s all the news I could find! The day isn’t over yet, so there could still be more news waiting out there. We’ll have to wait and see!

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