TurnaboutCola, Chapter 10: The End and the Beginning

There's still a chance...

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This feature was submitted by GameCola superfan Diana Gray (aka Diana141). Check out the previous chapters here if you missed them!

For you (yes, you): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=640aWzl0x3A&feature=g-upl

Author’s Note: This chapter is subject to change for the sequel to this story.  I have a few ideas already.

The GameCola staff watched as Gumshoe, who everyone had forgotten was there, pulled handcuffs out of his large coat pocket and snapped them around Payne’s wrists.  A text box popped up and words formed, letter by letter, with that familiar beeping sound as always.  “You’re under arrest, pal.”  The detective began to pat down the other man.  “Best to be safe, pal,” he said to no one in particular.  “Ho hoh, what’s this?”  He searched Payne’s coat pocket, eventually pulling out a rectangular silver object.

“Detective.”  A new name appeared above the text box.  Diana.  “Can I see that?” she asked.  Gumshoe nodded and handed it to her.  She examined it, turning it over and over in her hands, smirking.  A DS.  She opened it and her face lit up in a true smile.  She could see a view of the hotel room ceiling on the top screen, and the faces of the GameCola staff on the bottom.  “Hi guys!” she said, even though she was pretty sure they couldn’t hear her.

Diana’s face appeared on the top screen and surprisingly enough, her voice emanated from the speakers of the pink DS.  “Are you okay?” Paul asked instinctively.  His voice came out of the speakers.

She rolled her eyes.  “It’s been like two minutes,” she replied.  “I’m fine.  I just… I mean, don’t get me wrong, this place is amazing, but… I want to go home.”

Madeline was poring over the paper, her mind processing the words at lightning speed.  She was tapping her chin with her finger, much like Diana did when she was thinking.  “Miles, will you look at this?” she said.  Edgeworth was at her side immediately.  “Look at this, right here,” she muttered, her finger on a specific passage.  “Can you read this?”

“’For the others to get home, the author must… this part is smudged out, I can’t read it.”  He squinted at the words.

“I’ve already told you what you had to do,” Payne called from near the door.  “You’re not leaving here.”  Diana turned away from the screen, looking a strange mixture of annoyed and desperate.  Michael frowned and tapped the screen a bit above where necessary by mistake.  The stylus directly hit Winston Payne.

Back in the Ace Attorney universe, there was a loud thump, then Payne stumbled, rubbing the top of his head.  Diana, who’d seen the whole thing, cracked up.  Everyone else looked around in confusion and Diana quickly shut up.  She glanced at the screen again, then her eyes lit up.  “Hey, can you guys examine things in this scene?”

“Maybe.  What can we do?” Jeddy asked.

“Can you examine the paper?  We can’t read some parts, but maybe you guys can.”

“Sure thing,” Michael said, tapping on the paper.  It quivered in Madeline’s hand and she looked at it in bewilderment.  An option flashed on the screen.  “What do we want to read about?  Getting here, getting back, within the universe.”

“Did you even have to ask?” Matt asked impatiently.

Michael nodded and tapped on getting back.  He began to read aloud.  Everyone in the underground room stopped what they were doing and listened.  “Getting back is simpler than it seems.  All the others must be in the same room, and the author must write them all home.  But in order for the words to take effect, something important must be left behind in this universe.”

“Is that it?” Diana asked as the room fell silent.  When the staff didn’t reply, she turned toward Payne, fury in her eyes.  “The paper doesn’t say anything about a person,” she growled angrily.

Payne took an uncomfortable step back.  “What?  But I was sure…”  He trailed off, seemingly lost in nervous thought.  Then his smirk returned, cocky as before.  “It doesn’t matter now.  The forty-eight hours are almost up.  You can’t possibly have more than five minutes to write something.  And after you fail, all of you will be obliterated.”

Diana frowned.  “Wanna bet?” she muttered.  She marched over to Madeline and gently took the paper from her hand.  Everyone watched wordlessly as she scribbled some words down, seeming to barely even have to think.  She folded up the paper and made her way over to Maya, holding it out to her.  “Keep this in a safer place, ok?”

Maya nodded quickly, smiling and giving the author a hug.  Diana walked back toward Madeline slowly, pausing in the center of the room.  “Well, guys, as fun as it’s been…”  She looked like she was holding back tears.  “It’s time for me to go home.”

Before she could say another word, Madeline ran toward her and hugged her tightly.  The two women looked into each other’s eyes, each struck by the similarities of the other to herself.  “It’s been an honor,” Madeline said formally, then she looked puzzled.  “Did you write that?”

Diana laughed, tears in her eyes again.  “No,” she choked out.  “But thank you.”  And with a flash, the authoress vanished.  Something thumped to the floor where she’d been standing only a few second earlier.  Madeline picked it up hesitantly.  It was a notebook.  The cover bore a silhouette of a girl with a guitar, with various words written in green in the background including ‘Hit a higher note’ and ‘Change the world.’  It was well worn and there were many bent pages, some holding typed pages in place.

“What is it?” Edgeworth asked, moving to stand just behind her, in case she needed him.

Madeline slowly lifted the cover of the notebook.  “I’m not quite sure.  Hold on, there’s a note here.”  She began to read it aloud.  “Madeline.  Although it pains me, I’m leaving this behind.  This is by far the most important thing I own.  It’s my notebook.  I never leave home without it, and I’m pretty sure I’ve written every idea I’ve ever had down in here.  But I think you should have it, Madi.  I don’t really need it any more, now that I’ve met you.  Thanks for everything, and thank Edgeworth and the rest of the gang, too.  I really owe you guys one.  Maybe I’ll see you again someday, but I don’t know.  If not, know that I’m always watching over you.  ~Diana

The staff members were still watching, of course.  I mean, where would they go?  As Diana disappeared, they all sat back and looked around, waiting for something to happen.  And then, with a flash, Diana appeared in the chair, a shaky smile on her face.  “Hi guys,” she said, smiling.

Everyone was quiet for a minute, just looking at the DS, which had randomly turned off by itself.  “Well, that was a crazy adventure,” Nathaniel said matter-of-factly.

The entire staff began to talk at once, causing the room to be filled with chatter and laughter.  “Yeah, it’d make a great story,” Diana said enthusiastically, turning to reach for her ever present notebook, but it wasn’t there.  She frowned for a second, then just ignored it.  Her notebook was in a better place.  “Maybe I’ll write about it.”  She thought about it for a second.  “I don’t know who on earth would read it, though,” Diana continued, laughing.  Then she paused.  “Why did I come here again?  I mean, I love hanging out with you guys, but I felt like there was a reason.”

Everyone turned toward Paul.  It finally sank in that his beard had returned to its former glorious state.  The staff and Diana crowded around him, offering congratulations and sentiments of relief.

“Well, Paul, I can safely say that after all your beard has gone through, it deserves a medal,” Diana said, laughing.  “Unfortunately, I don’t have one, but your beard is definitely the winner of the first GameCola Annual Beard Competition.”

“Thanks Diana!” Paul said happily.

The author laughed.  “No problem,” she replied.  “But I’d better get home, stories don’t write themselves.  See you later guys!”  She slipped out the door, closing it behind her.

She paused outside and smirked.  Another chapter completed, and although she lacked an essential part of her life, she’d gained new friends and experiences in the meantime.  Diana had no doubt that there were more adventures with the GameCola staff in store, and although this story was ending, another was only just beginning.


For more of Diana’s fanfiction, check out her FanFiction.net page here!

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  1. A satysfying ending to a great story. I look forward to more stories and adventures from you. 🙂
    Can’t wait for your next one!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed writing it!
      Maybe the sequel will come in about a month or so. Or sooner, I honestly don’t know. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Something I thought I would share, taken from my author’s note on FanFiction…
    Chapter 1
    I did do awesome on the trivia during their 10 hour podcast, just ask them. I am brunette with hazel eyes. I own a pink DS. My technology really is tempermental. Every piece of technology I own is broken, except for the laptop I just got for school.
    Chapter 2
    I probably would do that if I met Edgeworth and Madeline. Right before I pass out, which I decided not to include, although I had originally written it.
    Chapter 3
    My ringtone actually is the Steel Samurai theme.
    Chapter 4
    I get scared easily, but then try to deny it. I would feel very uncomfortable if I was put with Edgeworth and Madeline in a car. I love rice. I have younger sisters, three of them, which provide inspiration for Ivy, Ruby, and Mel, respectively. I do want to be a prosecutor. If I’m excited or nervous, I tend to talk too much.
    Chapter 5
    I tend to overuse the word awkward. I would feel really nervous to talk to Phoenix and Maya (I mean, I was nervous to talk to a Phoenix cosplayer at AM2. The real deal? Uh-uh).
    Chapter 6
    I would think all I could do to help is write. I would definitely freak out if Edgeworth confronted me like that.
    Chapter 7
    The being mistaken for a child actually happened to me, probably the day before I wrote that chapter. It irritated me. I lose things constantly.
    Chapter 8
    I hyperventilate when placed in stressful situations. Madeline is based on me, roughly.
    Chapter 9
    I do tap my pen against my chin when I think. I would sacrifice myself to save my friends.
    Chapter 10
    That is actually what my notebook looks like.

  3. So I’m pretty sure Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright’s story is based on TurnaboutCola:

    “Both Layton (and Luke) and Nick (and Maya) get sucked up by a mysterious book while in London. They end up in a medieval-esque world that seems to be the world described in the book.

    During a parade of the Stoyteller, soldiers hand out pieces of paper with a horrible story concerning a witch on it. Which surprises the inhabitants of the world, because everything the Storyteller writes down, becomes true.”


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