Diana is GameCola's resident fangirl of many things, but predominantly Ace Attorney. She has her own YouTube channel where she dates birds (and other animals) and often makes people cry, mostly herself.


    1. Since you’re no longer technically my boss, do I have to laugh at your puns? 😉
      But really, I know. No Maya+No Edgeworth=Giant Disappointment, even though I knew it was coming. Still, the gameplay looks really interesting. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

      1. Why no Maya and Edgeworth? The two of them got married, and they moved to Pittsburgh. Until they appear in another game, I’m going to say that’s what happened.

        1. I still hold to my theory that Apollo Justice killed them so that he could be the main character of the series. He was also the mastermind responsible for Drunken Hobo Phoenix Wright.

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