GC Podcast #74: Wright All the Time

Team Gray take over the podcast to discuss the upcoming Ace Attorney game.

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We’ve got a Phoenix Wright podcast! Unless we don’t. Do we?

Let me try writing this intro again.

Welcome to GameCola Podcast #74! This podcast features Diana Gray and Michael Gray, and they’re here to talk about all the Phoenix Wright news! They’re also here to respond to everyone’s comments from the last Phoenix Wright podcast.

We discuss the following topics and more!

  • Neither of us know what the Japanese Meiji era is.
  • Phoenix Wright is basically a superhero.
  • Timeline theories. Oh, the timeline theories in Phoenix Wright. They should just introduce time travel into the series and be done with it.
  • Goku would definitely win in a battle against Sonic.
  • Is there a game called Phonics with Sonic? If there’s not, there should be.
  • Diana says she hasn’t finished the DLC, which prompts Michael to talk about it nonstop.
  • All of our listeners enjoyed Case #3 of Dual Destinies, even though we insulted it.
  • Apollo’s character development depends on a dead person.
  • We’ve got a new shipping couple! Maya/Athena. Make it happen, fanfic authors!

If you have anything you want us to discuss, send an email to podcast@gamecola.net! Unless you want us to talk about something other than Phoenix Wright. If that’s the case, we’ll probably ignore your message.

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About the Contributor

From 2007 to 2016

Michael Gray is a staff writer for GameCola, who focuses on adventure games, videos and writing videogame walkthroughs.


  1. Haven’t listened to this yet… Hasn’t there already been a podcast about the game?

  2. Spaniard here! I really love Phoenix Wright and I have just discovered your podcasts. Really interesting! You two are very funny. I also have noticed you have the same last name, are you brothers?

    I didn’t understand everything, but it was really nice to hear your theories and your opinions. Here in Spain there isn’t a lot of people who knows Ace Attorney, so I can’t talk with anyone about it.

    Btw, Diana, you’re the most understandable (does that word exists? Well, you know what I mean) one. But Michael, I love u! You’re so cool!

    I’ll probably be stalking you from now on and I’ll comment on your next podcasts.

    And also, I appreciate the tons of information I’ve got here about the new game. As I said before, there isn’t too much people here who likes Phoenix, so I didn’t even know about the Meiji Era game. It’s going to be pretty interesting! But, as you say, I really wonder about the evidences though, and I think the katana thing of this Naruhodo it’s going to be really cool.

    But well, I’m leaving! Loved this, a lot.

    1. Wow, awesome! So cool to hear from people in other countries! Thanks for the compliment. We are actually not related, it’s just a coincidence. We joke about it sometimes.
      I’m glad we’re able to help you out with that. If you have anything specific you’d like us to talk about, definitely send an email to podcast@gcdotnet. We’d be happy to talk about any of YOUR theories and opinions as well!
      Thank you! Hear that, Michael? I’m understandable! 🙂
      Please do! I love hearing from people who listen to our podcasts and check out other stuff on the site as well! You’re sure to find plenty of things to enjoy. Thank you so much again!

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