MAGFest – Why You Seriously Missed Out

After years of saying we were going to do it, some GameCola staff members finally make it to MAGFest!

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For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past week, MAGFest (the Music and Gaming Festival held every year in National Harbor, MD) was January 5-8. This was my first year going and I can honestly say that it was the best weekend of my life. I got the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, play some sweet arcade games, and check out some super cool panels, all while staying in a ridiculously fancy hotel with my best friend. Pretty much the best weekend anyone could ask for.

It’s hard to even put my experience into words, so I won’t even try to, I’ll just spam you with pictures instead. Sorry. Below are some pictures of me with rad YouTubers (be jealous, friends) and other stuff you definitely missed out on if you weren’t at MAGFest.

Me with my official MAGFest badge. I’m pretty stoked.

Some sweet Fire Emblem cosplayers. Almost too much for my poor Conquest-playing heart, but I survived. The cosplay scene was really cool!

Look! It’s me and Anna! We met for the first time in real life at MAGFest! You, too, could have met us if you were only there…

Here I am with Matthew Mercer (voice of Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening and Ryoma from Fire Emblem: Fates and Nahyuta from Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice and McCree from Overwatch) and Marisha Ray (I think she’s in Metal Gear or something). They were super cool.

And I met Smooth McGroove, who liked my shirt. He was also super cool.

Me with ProtonJon (who asked me if he had to finish Dual Destinies before playing Spirit of Justice, because he remembered I’m the AceFangirl), chuggaaconroy (who made a funny face and somehow knew I LPed Hatoful Boyfriend???), and NintendoCapriSun (who was sword fighting with pens in our photo) respectively. Together they make up TheRunawayGuys, and if you ever get a chance to go to their panel, Thrown Controllers, DO IT! It is so much fun to watch and the guys are all amazing! Click here to watch this one from MAGFest!

Me with the lovely Lady Lucahjin! She’s a huge inspiration to me and she’s played so many of the games I have, it was incredible to meet her!

Me and MasaeAnela! Always a pleasure, whether it’s in National Harbor or Los Angeles. And she looks as adorable as ever, of course!

Me and Noelle (aka Crush) with the beautiful Adrisaurus, the main reason we came to MAGFest in the first place (constant harassment tends to do that). This adorable small bean has an angelic voice and is the sweetest thing. I’m so glad we finally got to meet in person!

But the most important lesson of MAGFest? If you give your phone to Noelle to take pictures of you with people, you will get it back with selfies. This one is her and Twi.

Want even MORE MAGFest shenanigans? Look, here’s some videos from our first two days at the Gaylord. Stay tuned for the rest of MAGFest! (Caution, there’s a bit of swears in the video—but hey, it’s MAGFest. We were pretty excited.)

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Diana is GameCola's resident fangirl of many things, but predominantly Ace Attorney. She has her own YouTube channel where she dates birds (and other animals) and often makes people cry, mostly herself.

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