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More Xenoblade from Diana? Who would have guessed?

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Most of the regulars around here know I have a serious thing for Xenoblade Chronicles. Between the story, the character development, and the fact that you can make all the guys shirtless—I mean, the vast amount of exploration the player can embark upon—the game is an experience in and of itself. But what really aids in creating that experience is the incredible soundtrack.

There have been times where I haven’t even started the game, I just listened to this first track for thirty minutes and anticipated what was to come. It’s just so gorgeous and such a well-rounded piece, it really sets the tone right away, before the player even presses start. And once you’ve finished the game and hear this track again? Don’t even get me started on the nostalgia.

Xenoblade Chronicles is an enormous game. The areas to explore are absolutely gigantic, and each is, of course, accompanied by its own amazing music track. Because Xenoblade also has a day-night cycle, the music changes as well. The upbeat day music transitions into a more mellow night version of the same track, as with the Gaur Plains music below.

The environmental music is broken up when you get into a fight with enemies and has an extremely strong driving (and motivating) beat. Except for this one, which is when you know it’s time to GET AWAY QUICKLY (still a great beat though).

The other thing that is unique about this soundtrack is that about halfway through the game, it completely changes tone. Without going too much into spoiler territory, the party transitions from the earthy natural environment to one composed of metal and machines, and the soundtrack changes with it.

It transforms from something organic to something electronic and synthesized, similar to how the enemies and environment change around the party. The battle themes change as well, with more electric guitar and just general intensity.

The amazing thing about the Xenoblade Chronicles soundtrack is that it’s so varied, everyone is bound to find a track that they fall in love with. And if you don’t…well, I won’t say there’s something wrong with you…but. It’s the perfect background for basically any activity—walking, writing, working, anything. It has something for everyone.

And sometimes, some nerds even cover the amazing credits song.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some superbosses to finish off. I’m really feeling it.

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