• GC Podcast #110: StE3m Summer Sales

    Steam Summer Sale? E3? There's so many videogames!

  • This Day in GameCola History: April 9th

    Who would have known that such a random date held so much importance!

  • Q&AmeCola: Games That Kickstarter Should Resurrect

    We discuss which games we'd like to see come back through the magic of Kickstarter.

  • The L/ate List Apocalyptic [NSFW]

    I’ve been gone a long time. At least, it feels like a long time. I’ve missed you guys, and I’ve missed writing for this site. GameCola has always been really good to me, even if I haven’t always been really good to it. Missed deadlines, late articles, angry editors…all in a day’s work for the world’s most insensitive writer. But wait, come back! I’ve changed, I swear! Bear with me and I’ll make it worth your while. Let’s just go over a few quick things so you can get to know me better, then we’ll be all done with the hand shaking, bullshitting nonsense and we can move along to talking about the one thing you and I definitely have in common, or else you wouldn’t be here;

  • Love and Hate: Brütal Legend

    I wrapped up Brütal Legend the other day, and for some reason I cannot stop thinking about it. It's a good game, yes, but also a very flawed game. When I finished it, I was slightly disappointed and

  • Things Zach Rich Demands to See Before He Dies in 2020

    When writing a prediction column like this, it's always fun to look back and see just how right your predictions were. Therefore, as we start every edition of "TZRDTSBHDI2020," we'll first look back a