• Dude Live-Streams All of the Super Nintendo Games

    Eric Kennedy, dude, has recently acquired every single Super Nintendo cartridge ever released in North America—a grand total of over 700 games. To celebrate, he and his friends are playing through

  • $5 XBLA Game to Aid Japanese Earthquake Victims

    There's a game coming out tomorrow on XBLA that costs $5, and the proceeds are going to aid earthquake victims in Japan. You don't really need any more information than that, do you? Think of it this

  • MAGFest Charity Radio Shows and Auction for Japan

    Hey everyone. As I'm sure you all know by now, the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan have left the country devastated and struggling for aid. My friends at MAGFest are holding a couple of Intern

  • The Desert Bus is on the Road

    I'm a bit late in getting this information out there, but the good people over at Desert Bus for Hope (desertbus.org) are currently in the middle (actually probably at the tail end by now) of their ma

  • Chime in for Charity

    The sole XBLA release today, Zoe Mode’s Chime, is one of those things you really can’t insult, unless you enjoy making children cry. 60% of the game’s 400 ($5) entrance fee is going right to Save The Children and Starlight Children’s Foundation, so if you’re one of those types that have gone out of their way to … Continue reading "Chime in for Charity"