• Poor Player’s Paradise

    A cheapskate's guide to discounted and free games. This article: LittleBigPlanet, Borderlands, $7 games, Tower of Heaven and trading sites.

  • Retro Games Now Trading on Goozex

    Goozex.com—the Internet's leading videogame trading site, as determined by "percentage of members that are currently writing this news post"—now accepts NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, GBC, Atari 2600, a

  • Dear Readers: Goozex

    So I found myself wondering the other day why, exactly, I owned a copy of Tribes: Aerial Assault for PlayStation 2. I couldn’t come up with a reasonable justification. The only one that came to mind was that I must’ve bought it so I’d have something to play on my at-the-time new and shiny PS2 network adaptor, but, if I did that...that’s sort of like buying a leash and being like “hey, I should totally get a dog to go with this.” And, to unnecessarily build upon that, it’s sort of like that dog had terrible gameplay.