• Great Moments in Gaming #1

    The game? Super Mario Bros. 3. The level? World 5, Level 3. At first glance, another typical Plains level. But then comes the shoe. A Goomba. In a SHOE.

  • Great Moments in Gaming #11

    Over the years a lot of games have scared me; I won't lie. I screamed while playing Resident Evil. I never finished Silent Hill and refuse to attempt its sequels. I about wet myself trying to play Fat

  • Great Moments in Gaming #10

    It's a random Friday night in 1992, and I am once again dropped off at the "fancy" mall with a handful of allowance money and a few hours to kill. I check out Kay-Bee Toys and fondle the latest action

  • Great Moments in Gaming #9

    I never played more than a demo of Michel Ancel's original Rayman, but even its limited stages thwarted what little platforming skill I thought I had. Despite my shortcomings, I found the game gorgeou

  • Great Moments in Gaming #8

    Some games you can pick up and play, some you give a good week's rental to, and some dig their sharp caveman incisors into your head and just won't let go! We're back in 1998 now, on the sixth floor o

  • Great Moments in Gaming #7

    With the State of Emergency lifted in 1990 and the apartheid system on its way out, the stage was set for a South African Formula One Grand Prix. Little did anyone know that the GP would only be run for two years before financial strains and the unstable economy would force the circuit out of the F1's roster.

  • Great Moments in Gaming #6


  • Great Moments in Gaming #5

    Metal Slug X, then. Just you (and maybe a friend) against the entire Morden army. But after six missions of pain, you realise that this isn't quite so one-sided. An entire alien race is looking to enslave Earth. Unbelievably, the Morden have sided with the aliens and the climactic battle is just you against the General -- he is commandeering an alien ship. You, obviously, defeat him. But is it over? No! The aliens take the General! They have betrayed their allies! The biggest Mothership in the entire world attacks you! It takes up the entire top half of the bloody screen! The Morden bring you a Metal Slug and help you to destroy it as it throws everything it's got at you. But you prevail -- destroying the Mothership! The General drops down, strapped to a heavy metal slab, and his men rejoice! Unfortunately, the slab falls over and crushes him. And then the game ends. Sheer. Brilliance.

  • Great Moments in Gaming #4

    Playing Abe's Oddysee, you are tramping around Rupture Farms, experimenting with the buttons. You press a certain button combination and a flatulent sound is heard. Your brain goes into joy-spasms. Did --- did the lead character just FART? You try it again. Abe farts again. You cry tears of joy. Then you find a sleeping enemy and fart on him. He instantly wakes up and fillets you. You don't care --- ABE CAN, NAY, MUST FART AT WILL. When you find out that flatulence is integral to beating the game, you just laugh even harder.

  • Great Moments in Gaming #3

    Doom on your state-of-the-art 486 was less a game, more an experience. However, after battling through two episodes, it begins to get a little stale. Up comes the final level of episode two, "Tower of Babel". "Ho-hum", you think as you run into an empty arena, "the designers really have given up." Then your screen turns red and you lose 80% of your health. With a bold exclamation of "What the fuck" you turn to see an ungodly monstrosity, the Cyberdemon. Another rocket promptly smacks you in the face and you die. Enraged, you boot your saved game and ready your rocket launcher. This baby’s goin’ down. Sadly, you underestimate the maneuverability of a 10-foot demon from Hell and get yourself owned again. Third time’s the charm though, as you are victorious after a hide-and-peek 20-minute battle. On to episode three with renewed vigour!