• [NSFW] The Hypocrisy of Gaming as a Political Movement

    Fifteen years ago, newscasters were asking if Grand Theft Auto would make your children violent. Today, the answer speaks for itself.

  • Player Two: Take-Two Deserves Whatever it Gets

    Take-Two and its subsidiary Rockstar Games have been sued. By whom do you ask? Well I guess everyone under the sun, and a few people on Mars.

  • Dear Readers: Out of Their Minds

    For the longest time, I couldn't play Out of This World, the acclaimed side-scroller in which, as one GameFAQs user put it, "failure is almost unavoidable." I was too scared to. Right at the beginning of the game, there are these evil slug monsters who jump completely out of nowhere and kill you instantly. They're impossible to avoid—at least, they were for a a ten-year old who'd only just recently mastered tying his shoes—and they always jolted the poo out of me.