• Humble Indie Bundle V is Live

    Bastion, Psychonauts, Limbo and more, at the price you set.

  • Just Trine Not to Take Advantage of the New Humble Indie Bundle

    You know what's nice? Getting computer games for free, without being a douchebag pirate. Know what's nicer still? Donating to charity, and getting free computer games as a result. Know what's even nic

  • The Humble Indie Bumble

    Explanations of a dozen indie games by a guy who's never heard of any of them.

  • Aquaria (PC)

    I totally had Aquaria figured all wrong. But for once it was one of those happy moments where I get to say "This is better than I thought it would be" rather than the all-too-common "I want my

  • There’s Still Time for the Humble Indie Bundle 2!

    The Humble Indie Bundle 2 went live last week, but GameCola neglected to report on it, because we're a Grinch-like website who thinks that indie gaming is a waste of time (seriously, why not play a re

  • Samorost 2 (PC)

    Knowing the inclinations of the rest of the GameCola staff, I'm putting myself in extreme danger by saying what I'm about to say. But the time has come to confess a terrible secret:It's been a long