• … of the Month: Reviewing Hentai Games

    I've been wondering lately, over the last 17 months or so, what direction I should take my GameCola work in. You see, I've never been a huge fan of my reviews, finding a lot of them boring, among other things. So I thought, what have I done that's actually been interesting? And then it dawned on me: One of my most popular reviews of all time was of Jewel Knights Crusaders, a PC game in a...specific genre, which was given to me as a gift by our own Editor-in-Chief, Paul Franzen.

  • Jewel Knights Crusaders (PC) [NSFW]

    If you’re one of the many special people who have been wondering for years whether it’s possible to rape a woman and still be her friend, your long wait is finally over. Ginji whateverthefuckhisnameis, hero of Jewel Knights Crusaders, will show you all the moves you need to know to get started ripping up virgin … Continue reading "Jewel Knights Crusaders (PC) [NSFW]"