• What It’s Like in Japan

    I totally forgot about this video. It's a music video I made for a song on Logan Whitehurst's Very Tiny Songs album, in thanks for him making the 15th song on that album for me. It's all about Japan, and videogame enthusiasts might recognize where the song draws its inspiration from.

  • A Mario Kart Love Song

    I didn't have anything to do with creating this; I just wanted to share it.

  • Things Zach Rich Demands to See Before He Dies in 2020

    You know how I keep talking on the ol' GameCola Podcast about how I plan to start writing my own column here on the ‘Cola? Welp, here it is! This is "Things Zach Rich Demands to See Before He Dies

  • The Gameless Shelter

    A stupidly-named place for game music without a game whose music to be. So welcome to the introduction to this crappy thing. Introducing the introduction is like, meta-filler. Suck it. Here for your i

  • Captain Eric’s Psychic Thumb Feature Presentation

    Welcome to the introduction of another FABULOUS edition of the thumbs they call…PSYCHIC. Now, I know that I often poke fun at the esteemed Editor in Chief of this Web site, Paul Franzen. But the fact is that Paul is perhaps the GREATEST editor to ever edit anything ever. How do I know this, might you ask? Well, it’s simple but reveals a CRUEL and harsh reality about myself. You see, I can only spell the word psychic correctly 13.48% of the time. Now that your mind is BLOWN, on to the GOODNESS.

  • 32-Bit Genocide This Weekend

    For those of you around the Baltimore area who enjoy video games, rock, and any combination of the two, 32-BIT GENOCIDE will be going down at the Patterson Creative Alliance in Baltimore this Saturday

  • Guitar Hero (PS2)

    My friends, I have been to the mountaintop. I have looked into the valley...and it was good.

  • Revolution X (SG)

    If it is indeed true that "art imitates life", then the real world must be a pretty freaky place.

  • Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES)

    "Holy jeez, I'm in a town!"

  • Shining Soul II (GBA)

    Whenever I see your shining soul I just wanna...close...my eyes...or something.