• GC Podcast #117: Nintendo Labo and The Second Xeno

    There's new things to have opinions on! Let the GameCola Podcast give you the scoop on how to feel.

  • Hiveswap Finally Released?!

    Sleeping dogs apparently do not lie: They awaken, and a craze perhaps reawakens with them.

  • GC Podcast #95: Dandelions, Deponias, and Developments

    We actually talk about videogames! Like, seriously.

  • Geoff Wastes a Minute of Your Time

    So this month is full of games galore and I am freaking broke! I just preordered Halo 2, and Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 but what about Metal Gear Solid 3 and Metroid Prime 2? There is also the next Prince of Persia and Need for Speed Underground. I want all these games, but that's sooo much freaking money! I love that all these games are coming out but why did it all have to be at once! It was hard to make a choice. I chose Halo 2 because of the LAN parties here. DDR was my second choice because it's the only exercise I've been having here except reaching for Krispy Kream Donuts. If anyone wants to donate money to me it would be much appreciated. Until next time...thanks for letting me waste your precious time.