GC Podcast #95: Dandelions, Deponias, and Developments

We actually talk about videogames! Like, seriously.

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GameCola_Banner_Podcast95Ver2[Note: This podcast was originally recorded in March 2016, but the article has been uploaded now due to the site hiatus/redesign]

In today’s edition of the GameCola Podcast, Joseph Martin, Diana Gray, and Anna Bryniarski actually talk about videogames! Like, seriously, there’s not really much of a theme outside of that. This podcast was hard to name; I’ll tell you what. Have a sample of the games and gaming things we have to offer in the handy chart below:

  • Anna gives us the details on Deponia: Doomsday.
  • Diana has been playing Dandelion and Joe can’t pronounce it correctly.
  • A Zero Escape-themed Real Life Escape the Room event in preparation for the new release.
  • More details on developments in the Ace Attorney world.
  • Joe likes Stardew Valley but not the save file rules.
  • Anna talks about a couple games she’s played like Night of the Rabbit and Who’s Your Daddy?
  • “Get Diana to E3 2016”
  • Joe likes Pokken Tournament and explains its mechanics.
  • What games is Steam recommending to us?

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Podcast intro/outro music “Five Is Average” by Meteo Xavier.


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Joseph Martin is the Podcast Commander of the monthly GameCola Podcast, and appears in many of the other podcasts of the site. He's also known to write a review or two, or news pieces about the latest Mega Man knock-off.


  1. Whenever Diana says “I” in regards to dating sims, like “I have lots of attractive men in my apartment”, I wonder if she thinks of herself as the dating sim MCs. Does she think SHE is the one dating all these pigeons and animals?

    … Is Diana a furry?

    There should be an intense GameCola Smash tournament. It can’t be too hard to organize, yeah? Only problem is, the two versions of the game would make it kind of underwhelming if it turns out its all split. I only have the 3DS version.

    1. Not this first time I’ve heard that. Don’t worry, my lines between reality and my dating sims are distinctly drawn. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream of attractive men, right?

      A couple of us actually tried to play the 3DS version over wireless right after the game came out. Let’s just say it was a hot mess.

  2. #SendDianaToE3

    I know we tried to get Michael Gray to E3 before…but, I think they didn’t considered us a legitimate videogame news site. Maybe things have changed?! OR MAYBE we need to get more fans by 2017 so we have more recognition…!!! Come on, everybody, share your favorite articles!!!

    … On like social media platforms, not here in the comments. I’m not sure if that would help.

    1. Nice catch! It looks like something got mixed up in a WordPress update recently, and the formatting on some of the podcast posts bugged out. They SHOULD all be fixed, but definitely let me know if you find any more…!

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