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In case there wasn't enough hiatus in your GameCola already.

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As some of the more keen-eyed GameCola fans may have noticed, things have been a little different around the site recently. Notably, some of your favorite recent articles have disappeared in the mists of time, and we haven’t been publishing daily posts—we even missed the HoHoHoliday LIVEcast Extravaganza! It’s GameCola’s Worst Christmas Ever.

We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties as of late, but don’t worry. While we’re going on hiatus for the time being, things will be new and better than ever when we come back! Just wait patiently…and if you really need some GameCola in your life, there’s still 13 years’ worth of articles that—really, let’s be honest here—you haven’t read. Take a peek at the archives, or maybe search for your favorite game! You could even check out our YouTube channel, GCDotNet. Our Actual Internet Website may not be having regular updates, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t GameCola to be had.

Still need more? Joe and all your other favorite GameCola staff members are still podcasting up a storm, and you can find the latest podcast over here while we work on getting the new site going.

Hopefully that will hold you over. If the approximately 4,000 articles in the archive aren’t enough for you, maybe you can build a time machine to go to the future and read all of the articles we haven’t written yet.

Whatever you choose to do, at least know that GameCola isn’t dead: We’re just on hiatus! The staff is completely fine. There’s no cause for alarm, you don’t need to send out any search parties, and there’s definitely no reason for you to be randomly clicking around.

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  1. Huh, on my pc it keeps giving me old front pages of gamecola from the Paul Franzen days. I guess my time machine malfunctioned.

    1. That’s a recurring problem. We’ve been performing blood sacrifices, but our support staff says we may need to bump up from merely sapient creatures to sentient ones.

  2. You know, this could be the perfect time to write both the fourth game in the Wario Extravalandsa and the mega review for yoshi’s new island, but it’s been fun just sort of sitting around waiting for articles to return instead

  3. Is there anyway to download the new podcasts off Soundcloud or another site so I can put them on my MP3 player? Only time I have to listen to podcasts is when I’m on the go

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