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    The Gates of Life: Episode 10 – Go Fusion Kitty!

    Rivers: I actually hit them! I hit her and even that little cat!! I don't believe it!

  • Preserving the Plastic: Connecting Multiple Systems

    If you are like me or many of the other hardcore gamers and collectors out there, you'll probably have more than one console, and want to play them without the hassle of changing cords.  Fortunately,

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    Dear Readers: My Game Collection

    As I have made clear many times within this virtual realm of GameCola, I am absolutely terrible at video games. This has been confirmed again recently when I combed through the list of games I own, and created a new list of games I own and beaten, and games I own and have not beaten. The results are shocking (to someone who would expect the Editor-in-Chief if a video game webazine to actually be good at video games, anyway). Out of the 331 unique games in my collection, 267 remain unbeaten, meaning I have completed a completely unimpressive 19% of my video games. This is sad. Granted, some of the games are for systems I don't even own, and some of the games I got nearly to the end but was then distracted by something newer and shinier; but the vast majority of games I own I have not completed just because I got stuck at some point and called it quits. So this, my readers, leads me to my latest life goal: to have more games in my collection beaten than I have not beaten. Send all letters of encouragement, sympathy, and bemusement to pfranzen@gamecola.net.

  • … of the Month: The Super Mario Advance Series

    The first thing one must do when examining four games that have been ported from one console to another is to ask one's self the following question: "What has been changed?" Well, there's good news and there's bad news concerning the answer to that question. The good news is that not much has changed in any of them. The bad news is that the things they did change were in no way needing to be changed, and are quite awful now that they are different. Let's start with the first of these games, shall we?

  • Games for the Casual Gamer: The Sims: Bustin’ Out

    Everybody's heard of The Sims, right?  Ever since the game was introduced for the PC, numerous expansion packs have been released, each expanding the Sim universe a little more.  It only makes sense

  • Versus Mode: Super Mario RPG vs. Kingdom Hearts

    When I first heard about Kingdom Hearts, one of the initial things that came to my mind was a comparison of this game to Super Mario RPG. With KH being a collaboration between Squaresoft and Disney, and Super Mario RPG being a collaboration between Squaresoft and Nintendo, it seemed only natural that similarities might be conjured up between the two. To me, anyway. If you don't agree -- tough cookies. This is my first shot at writing Versus Mode, and this is the topic I wanna discuss. So sit on it, disbelieving headwire.

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    The Gates of Life: Episode 9 – Unacceptable!

    Najen: Barin can't be dead! He just can't be! I have to try and save him!

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    Advice for the Sensitive Gamer #9

    Jenna Ogilvie offers advice about the emotional impact of Final Fantasy.

  • You Learn Something New Every Play: Yo! Noid and Tekken 4

    Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a video game that you imitate it as much as possible?  In some cases, this doesn't work out too well -- like with Grand Theft Auto.  But if you're not a complete

  • Preserving the Plastic: Game Storage

    After amassing a large number of media, whether it be books, CDs, or pornography, the age-old question arises: "Where do I put this crap?"  The same goes for video games.  It doesn't matter if you c