• Good News for Kingdom Elemental: Tactics Fans

    And you know you're out there—after all, we reviewed the comedic strategy title last January. So what's the good news? Well, a new version of the game was released that introduces a lot of features

  • Nintendo Announces New DS, WarioWare, Punch-Out!!, and More

    So much for not caring about its loyal fanbase! Actually, by releasing yet another iteration of one of its portable consoles, one could argue that Nintendo is further not caring about its loyal fanb

  • This Is What the Sims Movie Is Going to Be Like.

    Straight from Joystiq straight from John Davis, the movie's producer: "... So this is the way I did it: The Sims, as you know, you can control your imaginary world, right? And in our movie, a young m

  • Kirby Soars Over South Jersey

    GameCola correspondent Becca Clipper was on the scene in Medford, NJ earlier today to witness the afore-announced Nintendo-sponsored "celestial event." As you might have already guessed, the once myst

  • Nintendo Comes to Medford, NJ

    I know we used to have a large contingent of South Jersey readers Back in the Day, and maybe some of you still check us out. If you do, this one's for you. Via Kotaku (and GameCola reader/contributor

  • Send Your DNA Into Space!

    Hah! I got you! I got you to click on this post, and now I'm going to show you something totally boring an–no, wait, wait a minute. That subject line isn't actually a lie? Check this out—you reall

  • 32-Bit Genocide This Weekend

    For those of you around the Baltimore area who enjoy video games, rock, and any combination of the two, 32-BIT GENOCIDE will be going down at the Patterson Creative Alliance in Baltimore this Saturday

  • News (6/30/08): I Hate People.

    Let's talk about something I hate: dumbasses. Last Thursday, six teenagers were arrested at a New York supermarket, after robbing a woman of her cigerattes, and then proceeding to destroy a man's car.

  • News (6/25/08): In Search of Rape.

    Fact: Politicians cannot play video games for beans. Connecticut Senator Gayle Slossberg (D) is now looking for gamers to help her reach the "Rape Scene" within Grand Theft Auto IV. Slossberg stated

  • News (6/24/08): How Do You Kill a Superman?

    Let's talk about Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe first. In an interview with Gamespot today, Midway's Ed Boon discussed the pressing matter of how the series staple Fatalites will play into this editi