• [NSFW] Alien vs. Predator (JAG)

    One of the first consoles I bought for myself (as opposed to getting it for Christmas or my birthday) was an Atari Jaguar. Why? Fuck if I know. I just had to be the kid getting something other than the actual, you know, good systems that were available at the time. I had to be different, and apparently a bit of a dipshit. So I hit up the nickle ads (what Internet? It was 1994) and found a guy selling one with a handful of games for $300. It came with Cannon Fodder, Brutal League Football, Iron Soldier, Super Burnout (a shitty motorcycle game), Val d’lsere Skiing and Snowboarding (wait…what?), Cybermorph and, of course, the crown jewel: Aliens vs. Predator. Jesus Christ, what a fucking horrible lineup of games. Those are all almost universally garbage. I could pick up that whole goddamn package for a five spot and a no-swallow blowjob. What the fuck was Atari thinking? But I digress.

  • Super Mario Land (GB)

    Next to Tetris, this is one of THE classic Game Boy games. But was it any good?

  • Retro ≠ Good: Castlevania

    Some games have aged well and are still fun to this day. Then there's Castlevania.

  • Retro Game Challenge (DS)

    Amidst all the hyped up major releases last year, you may have missed an odd little gem known as Retro Game Challenge. I still occasionally see copies of it huddled together, peering longingly from th

  • Snowboard Kids 2 (N64)

    I've become a different person in the span of two years. Where I was once a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed high school youngling, I've now matured into a smart, wise, and generally handsome college student

  • Wolfenstein 3D (JAG)

    "Achtung, baby..." — Adolf Hitler, 1939 at Wilhelmshaven.

  • Live in Yore World #4

    It only takes one look.

  • NHL ’94 (SNES)

    Summer 1994: My brothers and I go to Pinelands Video (since gone out of business) in order to find a Super Nintendo game to amuse ourselves with; NHL '94 is the selection. It is rented several times t