• Be Careful What You Search For #89

    This month brings you Nintendo's feet, boogieing eyeballs, rejection, sexy "emuulitor" games, that Zelda character you wanted, and a steamy Ace Attorney partnership.

  • Inside the Guide: Rejection

    Why does GameFAQs reject certain guides?

  • GameCola at E3 2012

    Did E3 finally accept GameCola's application this year?

  • GameCola’s E3 Application

    GameCola's application to GDC was rejected this year, but we still decided to send an application to E3. After all, it says on E3's registration page that "Free admission to the exhibit floor is available to qualified industry professionals who register and submit their industry credentials by May 3, 2010." Qualified professionals? That totally includes GameCola, am I right?