• Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (X360)

    Guitar Hero. We've all played it. We all know what it's about. That saves me twelve paragraphs. There's still that feeling of "we had this exact game last year" in Warriors of Rock, but there's one

  • Green Day: Rock Band (X360)

    Rock Band titles have always been moderately superior to the competition, showing a layer of varnish and shimmer that is lost in Guitar Hero's latex and bondage gear. That doesn't mean the competition

  • GC Podcast #26: E3 2010

    The latest edition of The GameCola Podcast has just been released, featuring E3 coverage from three people who didn't actually go to E3. Michael Gray, Paul Franzen, and Elizabeth "Lizo" Medina-Gray di

  • E3 Day One: Microsoft/Xbox 360 Day

    E3, the biggest videogame event of the year, is now officially in session.  Just like last year, GameCola has asked their casual gamer to write up a report, instead of asking someone who knows all ab