• Cell Phone Games with Smimming: Part 3 – Super Mario Run

    Do you like to run, but hate physical exercise? Then Super Mario Run might be the perfect game for you! But watch yourself...this game has a nasty little catch attached to it...

  • T-Rex Runner (Browser)

    A secret game about a dinosaur who likes jumping over cacti...what!?

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    I keep going back and forth on whether I keep wanting to keep writing "Minus the Pudding." On the one hand, the quality of my GameCola writing has been deteriorating lately as a factor of my being more focused on

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    Some of you may be familiar with the Game Developers Conferenceā€”that's where developers from all around the world gather to build new friendships, share ideas with one another, swap war stories, and, in general, work together hand-in-hand to realize the full potential of videogames as an art medium. Hah-hah! I'm kidding of course; it's actually just another way for people to promote and sell videogames. It's like E3, only with more pretension; or, it's like PAX, only with a lot more pretension. It's not without its highlights, though, and one of the highlights of this year's conference was a panel on none other than Xbox Live Indie Games. (At least, I assume it was one of the highlights. GameCola, as typical, didn't get an invite, probably because we do things like call it pretentious.)

  • Super Adventure Island (SNES)

    As with most wannabes, it just doesn't live up to what it was imitating.

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    Advice for the Sensitive Gamer #5

    Jenna Ogilvie offers advice about getting too "excited" while playing Tetris, burping while running, and more.