• Cell Phone Games with Smimming: Part 3 – Super Mario Run

    Do you like to run, but hate physical exercise? Then Super Mario Run might be the perfect game for you! But watch yourself...this game has a nasty little catch attached to it...

  • T-Rex Runner (Browser)

    A secret game about a dinosaur who likes jumping over cacti...what!?

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    I keep going back and forth on whether I keep wanting to keep writing "Minus the Pudding." On the one hand, the quality of my GameCola writing has been deteriorating lately as a factor of my being more focused on

  • Minus the Pudding: The Best of Xbox Live Indie Games

    Some of you may be familiar with the Game Developers Conference—that's where developers from all around the world gather to build new friendships, share ideas with one another, swap war stories, and, in general, work together hand-in-hand to realize the full potential of videogames as an art medium. Hah-hah! I'm kidding of course; it's actually just another way for people to promote and sell videogames. It's like E3, only with more pretension; or, it's like PAX, only with a lot more pretension. It's not without its highlights, though, and one of the highlights of this year's conference was a panel on none other than Xbox Live Indie Games. (At least, I assume it was one of the highlights. GameCola, as typical, didn't get an invite, probably because we do things like call it pretentious.)

  • Super Adventure Island (SNES)

    As with most wannabes, it just doesn't live up to what it was imitating.

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    Advice for the Sensitive Gamer #5

    Jenna Ogilvie offers advice about getting too "excited" while playing Tetris, burping while running, and more.