• Little Inferno (WiiU)

    Where playing with fire can be fun!

  • Dwarf Fortress (PC)

    Dwarf Fortress is one of my most influential games, and yet, also so strikingly different and deep than any other I've played.

  • Gamera Obscura: Time Zone

    Aren't you supposed to complain about how horrible it is to work at the GameCola Sweatshop and how all my obscure games are terrible?

  • We Love Katamari (PS2)

    I've really tried to find major flaws in this title, but I cannot find anything to lower my opinion of the game heavily.

  • Ice Hockey (NES)

    In a world of ultimately customizable hockey games, it's refreshing to have a game like Ice Hockey.

  • Tobal No. 1 (PS1)

    I've played plenty of 3D fighting games in my time, but no other title has made the impression on me that Tobal No. 1 has.  Tobal was a sleeper hit that somehow fell deep into the cracks of gaming hi

  • Bomberman (NES)

    Bomberman is for people who just want to blow stuff up.

  • Magi Nation (GBC)

    Clever title? Maybe. Cleverly created gaming masterpiece? Less likely.