• Digital Championship Wrestling: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Bowser

    Hello everyone, and welcome, ONCE AGAIN, to Digital Championship Wrestling! As always I'm Paul Franzen, alongside "Captain" Eric Regan, and this month—I really mean it, this time! —we have one hell of a slobber-knocker lined up for ya'll!

  • [NSFW] Be Careful What You Search For #9

    Terrence Atkins is here drawing the keywords YOU Googled to discover GameCola.

  • Midnight Raiders (SCD)

    The worst game I've ever played, bar none.

  • Great Moments in Gaming #4

    Playing Abe's Oddysee, you are tramping around Rupture Farms, experimenting with the buttons. You press a certain button combination and a flatulent sound is heard. Your brain goes into joy-spasms. Did --- did the lead character just FART? You try it again. Abe farts again. You cry tears of joy. Then you find a sleeping enemy and fart on him. He instantly wakes up and fillets you. You don't care --- ABE CAN, NAY, MUST FART AT WILL. When you find out that flatulence is integral to beating the game, you just laugh even harder.

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    Digital Championship Wrestling: Mario vs. Sonic

    Paul: Hello everybody I'm Paul Franzen, alongside Eric "Super Thumb" Regan, and boy what a matchup we have for you today!

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SMS)

    This game has plenty of merits and is in many ways superior to its 16-bit cousin.

  • Sonic Heroes (PS2)

    This game has its moments, but ultimately it's a disappointing and frustrating romp.

  • Dear Readers: Awesome Ideas for Mario and Sonic

    Man, Nintendo should totally bring me onto their staff; I've got some pretty awesome ideas for new games that make use of some of their (and Sega's) older titles. Hopefully no one's come up with them before, but if they have, oh well! They're new to the GC universe, and that's obviously what matters.