• Neal is Awesomer Than You. #8.

    Okay, it's been just about a month now, but I'll have no trouble recanting this tale of awesomeness, as it is quite ingrained into my memory.  April 3rd, 2004.  Minibosses in New York City.  Who co

  • Neal is Awesomer Than You. #7.

    As I'm well aware, you've probably already finished reading Paul's coverage of the annual east coast gamer event, Philly Classic 5.  Now, I've been a big fan of the expo for these past few years, as

  • Carbonated News (February 2004)

    - The "Walkman of the next century", aka the "PlayStation Portable", is reported to have a release date for November of this year.  According to the official PlayStation website, the PSP is confirmed

  • Loafy Carl #22

    Neal Iannone's webcomic about videogames and the nerds who play them.

  • Neal is Awesomer Than You. #2.

    October 31st through November 1st: Mid Atlantic Gaming festival.  Friday morning, the stage was set.  An RV, my parents, and five young lads on a quest for gaming bliss.  Our late start should have