• One Is The Loneliest Number

    All the details you need to know about Microsoft's new TV and sports system!

  • Earn PS3 Trophies for Watching TV?

    If you're like me, you've often wondered: What's the point of watching TV anymore? In fact, what's the point of doing anything, anymore, if it doesn't boost my gamerscore? If what I'm doing doesn't

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    Maniac Mansion: The TV Show!

    If you're living in 1990's Canada, prepare to be psyched: Maniac Mansion, the hit adventure game, is coming to YOUR television.

  • 0wning the Competition: Aerial Gaming

    So, one day I randomly decided I wanted to take a trip to the UK, where some of my best friends are. I hit up orbitz.com, found me some cheap rates, and booked my flight on Virgin Atlantic. Few months

  • The GameCola Interview: Geoff Keighley

    When he isn't busy writing for Business 2.0 or Entertainment Weekly, Geoff Keighley can be found contributing articles to TIME, Premiere, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, and MTV Magazine. Eithe

  • Jeopardy! (NES)

    Its only fault is that some of the questions now are so dated that they're almost unanswerable.

  • MTV Remote Control (NES)

    If I were selected to be a contestant on a game show, and the consequences for losing were death, then I'd find a safer game show.