• Memory Cards: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

    The next chapter in the ongoing Jeddy saga.

  • Sesame Street: Oscar’s Letter Party (VMIV)

    The Interactive Vision is God's way of assuring us that crazy people can make videogame consoles, too. I spoke about the system in some depth last month in Dear Readers, but for those of you drawn in

  • Dear Readers: View-Master Interactive Vision

    This month in Dear Readers, I'm going to talk about a videogame system you've never heard of before. I was originally hoping to become the number one source on Google for information about this system—thus raking in oodles of new hits from people trying to figure out what this chunk of plastic they found at a yard sale actually is—but, apparently I was beaten to that eight years ago by Robert Morgan, who wrote a whole FAQ for the system.

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Peace and Quiet

    You know that staple episode of every crappy sitcom ever, where a second-tier character gets a great deal on an apartment, and then the main character(s) go to visit him and find out that the reason f