• WarioWare: Mega Micro Reviews

    Ask a developer to create a game and they'd be more than happy to dig out design documents, market research reports and little notecards summarizing their pitch to potential publishers. Ask them to de

  • Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

    Welcome to the latest edition of SUPER THUMBS! No doubt to leave you in another stupor of euphoria... as it always SHOULD. This month brings some new games I have recently gotten ahold of, as well as

  • The 2004 GameCola Videogame Awards

    The 2004 GameCola Videogame Awards!

  • Versus Mode: WarioWare vs. WarioWare

    The main differences between these two games are quite easy to grasp, unless you're the type of person that can't grasp why "gay" doesn't make sense as an insult (i.e., as good ol' J.R. would say, you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer): Mega MicroGame$ is for the Game Boy Advance, and its focus is on single player action; Mega Party Game$ is for the GameCube, and its focus is on multiplayer action. Got that?