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    So the ball is back in Nintendo's court. When the DS first came out, the PSP was kicking its ass. Big time. The DS had numerous issues—people weren't sure about the whole touch screen thing, or the

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  • Player Two: Wii Didn’t Start the Fire

    Let me explain to you guys how I write this column. I sit around all month, trying to think of something to write. I read the news; I look at the Internet—and stare. Then I give up and decide to write the editor and say, "holy crap there’s nothing to write about HAVE MERCY. MERCY ON MY POUR SOUL." At that point it’s a given there won’t be anything. To write on something, it has to move me. It has to give me some pause. It has to piss me off, or make me laugh—do something or I feel it wouldn’t be deserving of my precious time. The other day, my friends—wow. Let's all talk about Nintendo, shall Wii?

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    Dear Readers, Atari released its "Video Computer System" (known by most as the regular ol' Atari) to American audiences in 1977. The next mainstream home console, the original Nintendo, came out eight