• Versus Mode: Addictive Games, GameStop, Duke Nukem Forever, and More

    GameCola writers Zach Rich and Nathaniel Hoover discuss GameStop's used game policies, whether Duke Nukem Forever will come out this year, pedophiles in Animal Crossing, and more.

  • Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

    Welcome to that latest installment of everyone's favorite feature here at THE ‘COLA! Well this month we had a doozy all lined up. Let me tell you: It would have been a column of epic proportions! A

  • Cheat Codes for Life

    Zack offers advice about selling your body in WoW, annoying advertising campaigns, and more.

  • … of the Month: World of Warcraft

    Now, usually I don't ever spend any time thinking of a topic for of the Month until a few minutes before the deadline, as I'm sure many of you have become aware of over the past month (assuming you read this). This time, however, I think I have a reason for procrastinating that isn't "I was just sitting on my ass staring at the ceiling." That's right, it's "I was just sitting on my ass staring at the computer screen," thanks to the MMORPG known as World of Warcraft.

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Akimika

    10. Dr. Mario (NES): Use drugs to counteract the effects of tripping with the first drugs you used! If you hadn't tripped, you wouldn't be seeing those bugs! I bet Mario himself was doing the drugging...