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Welcome to that latest installment of everyone's favorite feature here at THE ‘COLA! Well this month we had a doozy all lined up. Let me tell you: It would have been a column of epic proportions! A

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Welcome to that latest installment of everyone’s favorite feature here at THE ‘COLA! Well this month we had a doozy all lined up. Let me tell you: It would have been a column of epic proportions! A column that would be etched into the stones of history for all time, never to be forgotten! 

But then, due to a few logistical problems it was unable to come to existence. Fear not! I will be bringing you something even better. This month I will be discussing the various MMORPGs that I have played throughout the years and rank them for you, and, of course, throw in the thumbs just for some extra fun.

World of Warcraft (PC)


Well, this is no surprise! This is most definitely the most fun MMORPG that I ever played, and also the one that could keep my interest the longest. Being one of the newest it had the chance to learn from all of the games that came before it. And it made great use of this aspect. It also brings some aspects all of its own to the genre. It sticks to a few simple classes that, for the most part, all have their own role, which makes parties much easier to deal with than in some other games. It can suit the solo player, the group player, and, once you have advanced far enough even the insanely large group player. When it’s all said and done none of these other games even really come close

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Ultima Online (PC)

UO was a very fun game for it’s time, and has a lot of features that unfortunately have been left far behind in the emergence of other games in the genre. While this game doesn’t quite have the appeal to those who love huge raids for the godly equipment, it is very highly suited to a more casual gamer and is still a lot of fun. The House system was always a favorite and no other game has yet been able to duplicate anything like it. The graphics were never really that great, but the fun gameplay still keeps people playing it today, long after it’s release.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Dark Age Of Camelot (PC)


I really liked this game at the time, and it was fun. However I doubt there is any going back—the times have just steamrolled this one by. The combat system was a bit slow and tedious, but it was at least bearable. It had a tons of classes, and the different realms could shake things up if you ever got terribly bored of one setting. Though the different realms did seem to scatter the different types of classes, so one realm would wind up with a million and six healers while another got all the warriors; but for the most part, it was nice and balanced and fun. It had a few quests, nothing lots the near endless amount in WOW, but it was a start! The graphics weren’t as hideous as all the other games the came before it, and with the right people and the right group it was really fun

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Final Fantasy XI (PS2)

This game was nothing special in turns of gameplay and all; it was a lot like every other MMORPG you would be  playing. However it did bring the feel of the Final Fantasy series that so many seem to enjoy to this genre. Graphics included, which was a nice change of pace to the stereotypical fantasy graphics of the other games. It had it’s own house system of sorts which was nice, though you couldn’t invite your friends over, and what good is a house when you can’t show it off!? One nice feature was that your character didn’t have to settle on just one class—you could change them and level each one of them up on one character, which was a neat touch. You also had a sub class that would augment and add a little extra to your main job, which really helped personalize your character even more. I hope more games pick up on that nice little feature in the future!

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says... Thumbs Up!

City Of Heroes (PC)


This game had the greatest character creation engine OF ALL TIME! It was really truly amazing—you could pretty much make your character look totally different than any other character in the game, and also make it almost any way you could imagine, which was really nice. The gameplay was also pretty fun, with a healthy dose of missions and instances to keep you busy; but if you don’t have any other friends to pay with, this game will probably wear thin with you pretty quickly. But you will get a lot of fun just making character after character, or at least I did. I am weird like that. Bwahaha.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Everquest (PC)

I really never got why people loved this so much; other than the lust for the ph4t l3wt, this game really has nothing to offer. It was a very confusing world that I’m sure you can learn to navigate, but the game really never enticed me enough to explore further and find out. I don’t care if you call me a n00b or whatever other lame ass insults you want—I just didn’t find this game all that fun.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Down

Shadowbane (PC)


I never really liked this one; it wasn’t very good. The graphics were very poor and I got lost sooo many times. Like, every time I walked, I would lose myself. Okay okay, that sounds like more of a personal problem, but still! It just wasn’t a very good game. The character creation part was very cool, right up there with City of Heroes with lots of different races and abilities to choose from; but once you got into the actual gameplay, it was just generic and dull.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Down

Horizons (PC)

Sucked. Was just horrendous. Nothing at all good to say about this game. I am not even sure why it existed, and if it still exists, well… the thought of that just boggles my mind.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumb’ Down

Okay! There that is the list! Well, I did leave off Star Wars Galaxies—I just was never to sure about that game, too much good mixed with to much bad, though I’ve heard they even made it lamer now.

ANyWAYS, that is my list of MMORPGs and what I thought of them. EQ sucked, so just deal with it! Now it’s the sad time where Good Ol’ Captain Eric has to say goodbye to all you faithful readers! Until next month, which will undoubtedly be…THE BEST ISSUE EVER!!

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