• Issue 1-1 Tribute

    GameCola, in its original form, was a monthly online newsletter. This feature plays tribute to the very first edition of GameCola by mimmicking its format and content, with all new articles published

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Matt Wright

    Dragon's Lair (SNES): This was one of the first games I bought (with my own damn money!!) for the SNES, and might I say, I was more than disappointed. The main character's controls made me want to tear my hair out soooo many times!!! The graphics are…okay...I guess, which is sad as it's really the game's only strength. The sound doesn't really need a mention, cos it's crap. Now we have the big one... the most annoying section of ANY video game I have ever played, BAR NONE. The save game facility for Dragon's Lair, is the most FUCKED UP thing I've ever had the misfortune to come across. Basically, to load your saved game, you must float around in a bubble underwater, and land in little boxes with a letter on it, to enter out your save game code. Did I mention this also has a time limit??? What the hell were they smoking when they thought that was a good idea??? It's a bastard to control when he's on land!! Never mind when he's floating in a bubble!!!! So combine shit controls, okay graphics, and a COMPLETELY shit save-game section and what do you get? Shit sandwich.

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Akimika

    10. Dr. Mario (NES): Use drugs to counteract the effects of tripping with the first drugs you used! If you hadn't tripped, you wouldn't be seeing those bugs! I bet Mario himself was doing the drugging...

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Justin Walden

    10. GoldenEye 007 (N64): I was trying to think of some N64 games that could be on this list and this was the game in my collection I went back to more than any other. Who doesn't want to be James Bond? The game is challenging, but not impossible. The soundtrack gives it that classic 007 feel and it's a great multiplayer game. This game resurrected the FPS genre and made people think about what a shooter game could be. Just thinking about this game wants me to break out my N64 again! Much like Shining Force was reason to buy a Genesis, this was reason to buy a N64.