• Dear Readers: GameCola’s Not Dead

    A video starring Post-It Notes about why the new site isn't ready yet, what's taking so long, and what you can expect when it's finally ready.

  • Dear Readers: Where is GameCola?

    Don't worry—GameCola's not dead. By saying that, I've probably caused more worry than I've alleviated; if you look at any deceased website, chances are that its last update is one saying that it totally isn't dead, and that there will tons of new content coming shortly, just you wait.

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    Strange news today, folks. As you may know, my Nancy Drew videos have gotten me a lot of attention from girls. Unfortunately, one of these girls has decided to YouTube-stalk me. She set up an accoun

  • Dear Readers: How to Spell GameCola

    My name is Paul. I'm not going to tell you my last name. Or where I live, or where I work, or anything else you might be able to use to identify me. I can't afford to take that kind of risk. If they knew who I was, I'd be dead—or worse than dead, really, with a giant slug in my brain controlling my movements, my speech, my everything.

  • The Ten Reasons: Pajama Sam 3

    Michael gives ten reasons why he likes and dislikes Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet.

  • Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (Wii)

    Michael Gray’s video review of Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek.

  • … of the Month: Paul Franzen in Soul Calibur

    Two months ago, I told you that I would create a special bonus for whoever won my custom character competition. I had a surprisingly huge amount of responses to this article, and I had a really tough time picking the winner. In the end, though, it was our Editor in Chief himself, Mr. Paul M. Franzen, who won the gold.