GC Podcast #41: No More Phoenix Wright!

GC Podcast #41: No More Phoenix Wright!

The GameCola Podcast is back! This is GameCola Podcast number 41! You know, that podcast where we talk about videogames… Like Phoenix Wright! Previous topics have included Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, which Phoenix Wright characters should totally go out, I think we talked about Mega Man once or twice, and also Phoenix Wright!


What’s this?! Paul! Say it isn’t so! Could it be that Paul Franzen, the man who named his own rabbit after Phoenix Wright, no longer wants to talk about his favorite game?! How could the world come to this? Let’s take a look at the topics of this podcast! Get ready for the matrix, because it’s BULLET TIME!

I know we’re going to lose most of our fans with this one, but here it is. GameCola Podcast, the 41st!

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